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Greetings Beloved Soul,

I see you, I hear you and I love you.

Your pain is the gateway to absolute freedom. Your pain has created you and has brought you to the point of your personal hero/heroine’s journey.

I have deep compassion for where you are at. I have walked the path of deep pain, self-hatred, depression, anxiety, physical tumours, trauma, addictions and so much more.

At times I lived in deep despair and total loneliness. The option of death was knocking at my door.

This was my disconnection from love. This was a lack of nurture and nature.

At times, all hope fell away, but as I reconnected with nature, ceremony, meaning and ancestral wisdom, the pain slowly faded.

Until it became an old memory and a story of the past.

I would like to offer you the perspective that now is your opportunity to recreate and remember the deepest truth of who you are.

Your soul’s essence is an absolute gift to this world. Love is your birthright.

I deeply trust that you will recognise what key I might hold for you, but only you can open the door.

So, here is a little about me and what I can offer you.

I am a guide that works between worlds.

It is my belief and experience that a quantum leap and paradigm shift is possible for every one of us.

My mission is to guide and remind you of your own inner healer and shaman. Together we will play our part in the great awakening of our collective consciousness.

My background & initiatory path

I have been initiated by Grandfather Fire and I work in harmony with the wisdom and guidance of my ancestral team.

Born into Norse/Norwegian lineage, I have experienced many openings in consciousness throughout my lifetime, starting with my first awakening at the age of 15.

Always drawn to explore the edges of my being, my journey started with the practices of communication, sexuality, and relating. Later, I was called to practice meditation, yoga and tantra. At the age of 20, I hitchhiked through most of Europe on my own.

Having practised tantric arts for a decade, I have now been initiated in several tantric lineages.

The support of my brothers throughout my journey has been key, and one of my passions is the depth of men’s work.

I am passionate about our natural world, with a deep interest in Sacred trees, plants, fungi and animals. I’m a certified advanced Kambo Practitioner with IAKP, with origins from the Amazonian Matses linage.

I’m currently apprenticing with the Norse and Celtic Sacred tree languages of Runes and Ogam. I regularly sit in the presence of the great mystery through the divination of Runes.

I was initiated at Dinas Emyres in Wales, the birthplace of Taliesin, and I’m now apprenticing in the Celtic linage through The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

My most recent calling and path is to apprentice in Andean lineage with Grandfather Huachuma.

How I work

The Wheel of Life is my guide and I practice living in harmony with the elements, seasons, moon and the sun. I have a passion for myths, stories and the ways of our ancestors.

I work in union with Tree Masters, Fungi Teachers, Master Sapo, Mama Cacao, Santa Maria and many other plant spirits and ancient teachers of Mother Earth.

I am a channel of light language and ancient sacred languages, receiving new programs and calls of awakening through Ceremony.

In Ceremony, I am a highly intuitive facilitator, offering a strong, gentle and loving presence.

I often work in Ceremony with my beloved wife Annabelle and we hold a strong feminine and masculine container together.

We practice deep, conscious relating and we are parenting her two beautiful girls together.

My Invitation to you

We all have our hero’s journey to make. Life is an initiation and an opportunity to experience the divine through human form.

Work with nature and connect with the ancient ones. Remember where you came from.
Follow your deepest truth and break the chains of conditioning and old programs.

I call you. I call your greatness. I call for your healing and reawakening to your Souls Purpose, so we together can be in service of the great mystery that gave us life.

Do you hear the Cosmic Call?


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