My mission is to hold a loving container for my brothers and sisters to feel their true depth,
by leading with presence and deep integrity.

I am an experienced practitioner and facilitator of Kambo Ceremonies, Men’s Groups, Rune Casting and Anger Sessions.
I am passionate about the natural world. Through therapeutic interventions and intuitive shamanic ceremony, I journey deep into the shadow and set a new path by following the heart.



A place to be real. A monthly circle to sit with other men, the ultimate container for shadows and gifts. We hold your grief, your anger and joy.  A space to explore your depth. Two and a half hours to be fully present. The gift of deep connection with other men. Join us and feel the power of exploring yourself from within.

I believe all men would benefit from being part of a men’s circle. MANcave holds you in a safe container, inspiring you to explore your gifts. It is a place to grow and heal. In a circle you may find men very similar to yourself; you may meet men that are very different to you. MANcave gives you the space to share your triumphs and tribulations, your challenges with your partner, relationships or work. It will fill you up, leaving you inspired to make changes in your own life. A meeting of men in a circle or around a fire is an ancient practice of connecting and relating. It gives you a deep resonance, often hard to find in a football game or at the pub. It is the place to ask for relationship advice and meet new friends. It will give you the space to cry, laugh and scream. MANcave will teach you how to hold space.  How to show up in this world as a man of integrity and presence. At MANcave, you will learn to open, surrender and to face the depths of your inner world. MANcave will support you in becoming the man you want to be.

Join us in MANcave if you are ready too:

  • Feel your power
  • Experience loving and intimate relationships
  • Face your fears
  • Develop integrity and honesty
  • Find your own presence
  • Deal with problems directly
  • Share your life purpose
  • Build meaningful relationships with men
  • Express your emotions
  • Stop seeking approval of others
  • Be the man you want to be

what the men say

I’ve been really impressed by the way Morten holds space and facilitates these circles. He is a man of great integrity and warmth. Who naturally drops into the group on equal terms, prepared to do the necessary work exploring the topic of each night. Its a very rewarding experience to sit in a circle and be truthful about what it is you want, and what it is that is holding you back.
Thank you Morten for the opportunity x David



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