Agreement Letter – Guardians of the wildwomb way

Agreement Letter

I commit to practicing sacred confidentiality in this container. I will not share anyone’s stories or experiences with anyone outside of the group and talk only about my own experiences within the journey.

I commit to showing up as fully as possible to this journey and prioritising attending all calls. If something comes up and I’m unable to attend, I commit to letting Annabelle or Nicoll know via the Signal group as soon as possible.

I commit to taking responsibility for my own wellbeing and seeking extra support should feelings or issues arise during this journey that are beyond the scope of the 5-week process. I can ask for private sessions to complement the work we do as a group.

The teachings in this course are all from sacred lineages in which the facilitators have been trained and mentored. I commit to honouring their time, knowledge and experience and to not share these teachings in a professional capacity unless or until I also have my own training and mentorship path to do so.

(If paying in instalments) I commit to paying the full amount for this course within the time period agreed. I agree that in the event of a cancellation on my part, 1/3 of the full amount is non-refundable, and that if the group closes (is full) before I cancel, I will have the responsibility to find a replacement or the whole amount is non-refundable.