Kambo Ceremony in Beautiful Rural East-Sussex

,For thousands of year the tribes of the Amazon have been using this powerful frog secretion for emotional and physical healing. This is your invitation to bring what is holding you back in life, and break through in a safe and held space.
Intentions, prayers and healing medicines from the amazon will clear out what no longer serves you.



We will connect with the amazon by using multiple powerful healing medicines in our ceremony, and blend it with western therapeutic interventions.

  • Sananga eye medicine
  • Kambo frog secretion
  • Rapè amazonian snuff


In the ceremony we use prayers, intentions, songs and music to guide you to the depth of your own healing. This will help you to surrender to the experience.

After the Kambo release you will be served a nurturing organic lunch with vegan or vegetarian options



Our journey starts with an open circle and intention setting. Here we will explore what to expect from the medicines, the history of Kambo and why we feel so strongly called to work with these tools. Please arrive in good time.

We invite you to clear your mind with the eye medicine Sananga. This will really help you to surrender in the Kambo treatment.

The day then takes us to Kambo, which is a powerful ally to clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. It brings purification and clarity.

We will give you the option to finish the ceremony with rapè, which can be a great medicine to ground or support you after your journey with Kambo.

We will finish up by 4pm in the afternoon. The invitation is to give yourself the gift of rest and recovery after the ceremony.


The ceremonies will be held in a beautiful rural location near Uckfield, East-Sussex.



All attendees must fill out a medical health assessment before booking is fully secured. Reserve your spot by paying in the full amount.
Payment is non-refundable 72 hours before the ceremony.

We will e-mail an information and preparation letter 48hours before ceremony.

During these uncertain times we will make our best effort to hold this Kambo Ceremony in a safe manner. We have our own protocols and guidelines to follow and we hope that you can help us keep this space as safe as possible by taking self-responsibility where possible.

For more information you can reach us by e-mail or phone.

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Annabelle Nicoll
My intention is to work with the energies that are needed to help others root into their true nature. I desire to be of support and guidance to those seeking to expand, grow, heal and function at a higher level than they have previously known. I use the natural medicines of this Earth, alongside Western and Eastern teachings and modalities, to create a powerful Alchemy of release, healing, expansion and creative discovery.


Morten Haugen Østhus
My mission is to hold a container for men and women to feel their power, by leading with presence and deep integrity. I am an experienced practitioner and facilitator of Men’s Groups, Anger Sessions and Kambo Ceremonies. I am passionate about the natural world. Through therapeutic interventions and shamanic ceremony, I journey deep into the shadow and set a new path by following the heart.


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Budget Ticket £95

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Oct 30 2021


Depending on attendees we usually finish beetween 3-5pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Beautiful Rural Location
Near Uckfield
Annabelle Nicoll


Annabelle Nicoll
07816 875090

Other Organizers

Morten Østhus
Morten Østhus