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The Art of Creating Ceremony With Cacao

Dearest Cacao Lover,
Welcome to this magical journey with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful
medicines. I simply love working with this Teacher. Cacao is the medicine of the
heart and for me it brings such a soft and profound shift to my life, igniting my
passions and stirring my longings into action.

The great thing about cacao is that there is no one way of experiencing a cacao
ceremony. Sitting in ceremony generates a space to have our soul’s yearnings
heard, shared and met, and half the magic lies in the unknown of bringing yourself
into ceremony and seeing what emerges.

I work highly intuitively and allow the cacao to guide me. Sometimes I meditate,
use sound, smells or light touch, but whatever you are drawn to, there will always
be teachings. There has never been a ceremony where I did not grow
and open to more love.

Written by
Annabelle Nicoll

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Art of Making Cacao is a pdf written by Annabelle Nicoll, 15 pages long.

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