Womb Kambo


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To be held in the womb is to be held at the beginning
A soft, gentle, warm and nurturing environment awaits you on this journey.
Unlike traditional Kambo, this is a space that invites in all the senses even
before the medicine is served. We open up this time(around two hours) for you to drop deeply into yourself, relax the body and mind and arrive into presence.
A heart-opening ceremony, warm fire, beautiful smells and herbal medicine teas.
In preparing the body and mind to receive this medicine, we set intentions,
release expectations and call in the assistance of the Kambo Spirit to guide us to
where we need to go and what we need to see and experience.

Each journey is unique and we set a large container of time so that you can
really dive in and have the experience you need. This is a non-
purgative process, unlike traditional Kambo.
We are working with micro-dose amounts over a long time period while lying down. The medicine can evoke memories, emotions and sensations. Although Kambo is non-psychedelic, just like a shamanic journey,
you may also see some visuals. You can go as deep as you are willing to surrender.

Although this is a microdose amount it can still be a very potent frog medicine journey and we ask you to fill out a health form to see that you are safe to take. Not only will Kambo create a deep healing experience for you, it is also a rich peptide medicine strengthening your immune system, helping you gather insights and strength to heal and resolve anything that needs addressing in your life.