To shift yourself into a higher vibrational state and regain balance, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is going on?
  2. How is my physical body? Close eyes and feel, tune in.
  3. How is my emotional body? Close eyes and feel.
  4. How is my mind, am I present or in the past (depressive feelings) or future) anxious states?

    Depressive states usually need a yang activation: moving your energy, showing up more, facing fears etc..
    Depression creates a stagnation in the energy field, so clearing toxic emotions, traumas and bringing flow back into the body and mind. An anxious state is calling for more relaxation, yin energy. Anxiety means there is too much movement in the body, too much yang energy, integration is needed, space to digest, breathe, slow down.
  1. What judgments am I entertaining, who, what is to blame? Notice the story.
  2. Is this a reoccurring state? Where in my life do, I notice these feelings, stories showing up?
  3. If my life is a teacher what am I trying to learn by experiencing this reality. Can I begin to own that my triggers are my gateways to a new way. If I give time to inquire.
  4. Can I slow down, stop, breathe and if I can’t, have I been consumed by this state and will need to do some clearing work with a therapist of choice, this is a time to seek support.
  5. What supportive, loving and kind thing can I action? This may also include saying no to things, creating space, prioritising you.
  6. When balance starts to flow in, notice and in this space sit down and have a good look, an overview of your life. What is not working and making imbalance? Ask yourself what choices need to be made to help create a more balanced you, to prevent future disharmony. Remember T all decisions made from a balanced state will yield a harvest of more balance. If you want to optimise your life, balance must be achieved before any success can be manifested.