About Us

At Garden of Alchemy, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of healing and personal growth through the power of plant medicines and holistic practices. Founded by Annabelle and Morten in 2018, we offer bespoke sessions, immersive retreats, and specialised courses such as Sovereign Hive and Elemental Immersion. Our mission is to foster deep personal growth, self-discovery, and community connection by blending ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques.

Our approach centres on creating a nurturing environment where you can explore and embrace your full potential. We focus on addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks, providing tools and support to guide you on your healing journey. Annabelle and Morten lead the sessions with a hands-on approach, helping you release fears, cultivate self-love, and empower yourself.

Complementing our programs, we offer a selection of high-quality products, including cacao, essential oils, and other healing plants. These products support daily wellness and integrate seamlessly with our ceremonies, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching path to well-being.


You can bring plant medicines and healing into your daily life.
Explore our selection of top-quality cacao, essential oils, and healing plants.


Participate in our upcoming events and immerse yourself in the benefits of plant medicine, healing circles, therapeutic interventions, and shamanic ceremonies.


A bespoke session or ceremony will offer you the chance to dive deeper into your practice while collaboratively creating an experience that meets your specific needs.

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