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Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way, making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits. We provide Kambo treatments and Kambo Ceremony in Brighton, UK.

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Altars and Sacred space

All relationships need nurturing, attention and communication. Your spiritual life is your guiding force, it is the unseen realms of inter-connectivity and perspective, it is where we feel resourced and guided. Creating a physical space such as an Altar, firstly...

Frequently Asked Questions about Kambo

What is Kambo used for? There is many uses for Kambo. Traditionally the Matsi Tribe of the Amazon used Kambo to prepare for hunting, as a medicine for physical illness and for clearing negative energy. Clients come with many different intentions. Some clients simply...

What is Earth Medicine?

Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness. They allow us to live in harmony with each other and to survive and thrive while remaining...


Work with this health-enhancing elixir
and powerful plant medicine to remove
find lightness and open your heart.

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Earth Medicine

 Explore natural health solutions and 
awaken your highest self with these
potent and pure earth medicines.

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Clear toxins, strengthen your immune system and support your health with this amazing healer of the rain-forest.

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