We want help you spark alive your vision, guide you through your healing and create a way of being that will upgrade your system to hold more love, empowerment and responsibilities to serve.


You can bring plant medicines and healing into your own life.
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cacao, essential oils & healing plants.


Join us in our upcoming events.
Experience the deep healing benefits of plants, healing circles, therapeutic interventions and shamanic ceremony.


Receiving a session or ceremony will offer you a chance to dive deeper into your own practice.
Together we can create something that will meet your specific needs.









Are you ready to transform? This course marks a journey through the rebirth cycle of deeper space holding. In this container you’ll be Held in a restorative Winter, creating new offers in Spring. This October, you are invited to retreat into a deep container of being held, release your fears, and rebirth as a powerful practitioner in March.

Today, we ‘embrace the sacred’ on She Rebel Radio with guest Annabelle Nicoll, founder of the Garden of Alchemy who shares with us the gift of ceremony, plant medicine (kambo and cacao) and how to upgrade our systems with a self reflective practice. 


Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way, making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits. We provide Kambo treatments and Kambo Ceremony in Brighton, UK.

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Blog Articles

My Full Moon Journey With Darkness

This full moon has brought me to some of the hardest feelings I have ever felt. Yes, I get triggered and activated like all of us, but sometimes I feel different. I am shocked by the depths I go down to, and what is revealed there. Yesterday, I followed the sensation...

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The concept of anger feels like willpower to me, I'm often unsure of its point. I kind of lean towards destiny and peace as prevailing forces of truth and get stuck on feeling the purpose of anger and willpower; I suppose because both states have brought a huge amount...

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Why We Must Be Held To Hold Space For Others

As we get called into a life of service, it is more important than ever to look at how we hold ourselves in our daily lives. To be held is a beautiful dive into the descent of winter, into the Earth of Pachamama. With the energies of darkness, we lean into holding....

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Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks.

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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness. 

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Kambo is a powerful ally to clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. It brings purification and clarity.

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