You can bring plant medicines and healing into your own life.
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cacao, essential oils & healing plants.

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Experience the deep healing benefits of plants, healing circles, therapeutic interventions and shamanic ceremony.

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Receiving a private and bespoke session or ceremony will offer you a chance to dive deeper into your own practice.
Together we can create something that will meet your specific needs.

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Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way, making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits. We provide Kambo treatments and Kambo Ceremony in Brighton, UK.

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Blog Articles

My Awakening as a Superpower

My Awakening: How I Discovered my Sensitivity as a Superpower.   When you embark on this self-reflective journey of discovery, it is usually driven by seeking. Maybe you are longing to find more balance, peace, understanding or healing. Or perhaps you want to...

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It’s All In The Balance

Balance seems to be the buzz word of our culture, showing up in our lives whether we’re in a healing session or simply tuning into our desires. Yet what, really, is balance? For me, a simple way of looking at it is the eco system. There is no lack in Nature; there is...

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Work with this health-enhancing elixir
and powerful plant medicine to remove
find lightness and open your heart.

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Earth Medicine

 Explore natural health solutions and 
awaken your highest self with these
potent and pure earth medicines.

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Clear toxins, strengthen your immune system and support your health with this amazing healer of the rain-forest.

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