We want help you spark alive your vision, guide you through your healing and create a way of being that will upgrade your system to hold more love, empowerment and responsibilities to serve.


You can bring plant medicines and healing into your own life.
Here you can purchase the best 
cacao, essential oils & healing plants.


Join us in our upcoming events.
Experience the deep healing benefits of plants, healing circles, therapeutic interventions and shamanic ceremony.


Receiving a session or ceremony will offer you a chance to dive deeper into your own practice.
Together we can create something that will meet your specific needs.


Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way, making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits. We provide Kambo treatments and Kambo Ceremony in Brighton, UK.

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Blog Articles

The Teachings of Oak

The Sacred Word One of the Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz) is The Word Is Sacred, but what does this really mean? For me, this goes deep into my core patterns and programs. One of these is a pleasing pattern: a way I try to avoid conflict and getting into trouble. I...

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Living with the edge

Finding your edge is a beautiful thing. The edge is the space between an old habit and a new habit. The edge is the point of choice between being a slave to your old belief or becoming a master of your own life. The edge is the pain-pleasure point you are so familiar...

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The Path of Semen Retention

Do you remember the last time you were at a point of choice, with the option of ejaculating or saving your powerful seed and use the energy to create in the world? This is where I’m writing from right now. The point of choice. I’ve gone 25 days with semen retention,...

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Work with this health-enhancing elixir
and powerful plant medicine to remove
find lightness and open your heart.

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Earth Medicine

 Explore natural health solutions and 
awaken your highest self with these
potent and pure earth medicines.

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Clear toxins, strengthen your immune system and support your health with this amazing healer of the rain-forest.

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