In life, at times it’s so easy to stay on the familiar path. Sometimes the circumstances of our lives make us feel like victims, keeping us stuck in playing small. And even if you know it’s time for change. it can be hard and lonely on your own.

When you find the right person that can help you, see you and guide you through your challenges, your life will change before your eyes. Find the person you truly resonate with, and you can rebuild the foundations of your life from the ground up.

Many of us have wounding around this. Maybe it was the sports coach or the teacher in school you didn’t truly feel seen by.

But it only takes one to see you.

Maybe you feel like having support is a sign of weakness. In our culture, we often receive the message as men that we should be able to make it alone. But the patterns that are deeply ingrained within you are like the foundational bricks of your house – that’s tough to change by yourself.

Everything changed when I reached out for support.

Everything shifted when I chose my teachers.

In that moment of choice, I took action and chose to believe in myself.

When you choose to own your power and reach for the highest potential of you, I am here to support you to:

  •  Let go of habits and addictions that are holding you back.
  •  Explore old shadows and beliefs.
  •  Build a strong foundation.
  •  Work on attraction, relationships and sexuality.
  •  Start owning your value and power.
  •  Bring clarity in your offerings to this world, connecting to your life’s work.
  •  Live from the heart and the body, feeling a deeper sense of embodiment.
  •  Let go of patterns of pleasing and co-dependency, living from your own truth and unique expression.
  •  Open up to deeper realms of meaning, spirituality and connection with nature.
  •  Find your stillness and live from a place of presence.

Get in touch to book a free discovery call and see if we are a match to work together.

Pain is the Gateway

Your pain is the gateway to absolute freedom. Your pain has created you and has brought you to the point of your personal hero/heroine’s journey.

I have deep compassion for where you are at. I have walked the path of deep pain.

At times I lived in deep despair and total loneliness. The option of death was knocking at my door.

This was my disconnection from love. This was a lack of nurture and nature.

At times, all hope fell away, but as I reconnected with nature, ceremony, meaning and ancestral wisdom, the pain slowly faded.

Until it became an old memory and a story of the past.

I would like to offer you the perspective that now is your opportunity to recreate and remember the deepest truth of who you are.

Your soul’s essence is an absolute gift to this world. Love is your birthright.

I deeply trust that you will recognise what key I might hold for you, but only you can open the door.

So, here is a little about me and what I can offer you.

I am a guide that works between worlds.

It is my belief and experience that a quantum leap and paradigm shift is possible for every one of us.

My mission is to guide and remind you of your own inner power.

My background & initiatory path

I have been initiated by Grandfather Fire and I work in harmony with the wisdom and guidance of my ancestral team.

Born into Norwegian lineage, I have experienced many openings in consciousness throughout my lifetime, starting at the age of 15.

Always drawn to explore the edges of my being, my journey started with the practices of communication, sexuality, and relating. Later, I was called to practice meditation, yoga and tantra. At the age of 20, I hitchhiked through most of Europe on my own.

Having practised tantric arts for a decade, I have now been journeying in several tantric lineages.

The support of my brothers throughout my journey has been key, and one of my passions is the depth of men’s work.

I am passionate about our natural world, with a deep interest in trees, plants, fungi and animals. I’m a certified advanced Kambo Practitioner with IAKP, with origins from the Amazonian Matses linage.

I’m currently apprenticing with the Norse tree language of Runes. I regularly sit in the presence of the great mystery through the divination of Runes.

For two years I’ve been apprenticing in Q’ero lineage with Grandfather Huachuma and my recent calling has been to initiate with Grandmother and Shipibo lineage.

How I work

The Wheel of Life is my guide and I practice living in harmony with the elements, seasons, moon and the sun. I have a passion for myths, stories and the ways of our ancestors.

I work in union with trees, plants and fungi and many other ancient teachers of Mother Earth.

In Ceremony, I am a highly intuitive facilitator, offering a strong, gentle and loving presence.

I often work in Ceremony with my beloved wife Annabelle and we hold a strong feminine and masculine container together.

My Invitation to you

We all have our hero’s journey to make. Life is an initiation and an opportunity to experience the divine through human form.

Work with nature and connect with the ancient ones. Remember where you came from.
Follow your deepest truth and break the chains of conditioning and old programs.

I call you. I call your greatness. I call for your healing and reawakening to your Souls Purpose, so we together can be in service of the great mystery that gave us life.

Do you hear the Call?


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