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The Art of Making Ceremony with Cacao

Dearest Cacao Lover,
Welcome to this magical journey with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful
medicines. I simply love working with this Teacher. Cacao is the medicine of the
heart and for me it brings such a soft and profound shift to my life, igniting my
passions and stirring my longings into action.

The great thing about cacao is that there is no one way of experiencing a cacao
ceremony. Sitting in ceremony generates a space to have our soul’s yearnings
heard, shared and met, and half the magic lies in the unknown of bringing yourself
into ceremony and seeing what emerges.

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Plant Medicine Integration Guide

Our integration guide is available to purchase. At Garden of Alchemy we support people with plant medicine journeys and holistic therapies. We run integration programmes to help people move through expansive experiences back into everyday life.

In our time, we’ve experienced it all. We’ve witnessed many therapy sessions that shake the fabric of reality for our clients and leave them wondering how to carry on with life as normal.

We believe that integration is key to creating lasting change. and with the work of many healing modalities, supportive herbs, and practical exercises, we’ve compiled our wisdom to share with you in this printable interactive guide.

Videos, Interviews and More

Ceremonial Cacao is a beautiful gift, and our goal is to share its love generously. Purchase the Cacao, follow the ceremonial recipe, and spread this heart-opening elixir with as many friends as possible. Learn How to Make Ceremonial Cacao in our YouTube Video.

Kambo is a powerful ally to clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. It brings purification and clarity. We always work with Kambo in ceremony, creating a safe space for you to come back to yourself.

Today, we ‘embrace the sacred’ on She Rebel Radio with guest Annabelle Nicholl, founder of the Garden of Alchemy who shares with us the gift of ceremony, plant medicine (kambo and cacao) and how to upgrade our systems with a self reflective practice.

What is sacred to you in 2023? 

Annabelle talks about Kambo, Cacao ceremonies and Essential Oils in this exciting Emerging Purpose podcast with Greg Donaldson: “Cacao has been my most exciting of all the medicines to work with, because it has really allowed me to become myself. There’s been a lot of play with it. I see it as one of the first waves of heart-centred consciousness to hit the Western world. There are a lot of things that have been actioned in my life which didn’t occur before Cacao.”

Annabelle and I had a beautiful Cacao ceremony before we went on this journey together to talk about what’s been coming through to us in regards to new ways of doing business. Annabelle Nicoll founded Garden of Alchemy to bring through the use of beautiful plant medicines to support you to fully reconnect with yourself, discover your purpose and expand your consciousness. Cacao has become one of the main plant medicines that Annabelle uses and recognises its many benefits in supporting people to be centred in the heart and to then be informed from that place. I also love to journey with Cacao and use it in ceremony with myself to reach deeper insight, support clearings, support heart openings and connect more deeply with myself. I don’t usually show products, but this felt fun, so why not! And I love it!


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