4 Month Kambo Immersion

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To be Held so
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13 Week Journey

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3, 6 & 9 Month Mentoring Journey

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My Vision & Intention

My heart’s desire is to live in a world where people are willing and able to take full responsibility for their lives and choices. When responsibility is owned and blame stops, so does war, be it internal or external. The path to self-responsibility is a journey and along the way we all need support and guidance.

To be able to hold more and more self-responsibility, we need to not be living from fear. To step out of living in fear, we need to heal.

My intention is to work with the energies that are needed to help others root into their true nature. I desire to be of support and guidance to those seeking to expand, grow, heal and function at a higher level than they have previously known.

I see growth as a spiral that’s in constant movement. As we heal, unblock, release, acknowledge and become more aware, we move. We gain more connection, love, compassion, clarity and direction.

My intention is to help unlock the wisdom that already resides within you as I hold a space for transformation and rebalancing to occur.

How I can Help You


I offer nothing less than the chance to be the change you want to see in the world.

Firstly, I offer myself as an example of change and possibility. As someone who has created huge transformation in my life, I am living proof that change is possible. My dedication to my own healing and growth is mirrored in my current reality.

I use the natural medicines of this Earth, alongside Western and Eastern teachings and modalities, to create a powerful Alchemy of release, healing, expansion and creative discovery.

Working with the medicines of the plant and animal kingdoms helps us to return to our natural state, to connect to ourselves and to plug into the interconnectedness of life. I alchemise the perfect fusion of remedies for the symptoms and issues of each client. I work deeply and intuitively, weaving all my past learning, trainings and received wisdom into profound and deep ceremonies and sessions.

I have trialled and errored many teachings, practices and modalities, incorporating what I’ve distilled from them into the core of my being. I have
learned how to most effectively make change, how change works and how to use healing as a gateway to change.

I believe we have all the optimal conditions within us to live a life of abundance, health and contentment once we have cleared, opened and healed what is not in alignment with our truth.


Empowering you back to yourself

When we’re stuck in a problem or habit, our consciousness of how to shift out of it is necessarily limited. I help you to rise above that so you can view your reality from a higher perspective, allowing you to understand and experience any blocks or limiting belief systems that are holding you in a repeating behavioural pattern.

Through my calling as a Medicine Woman, I share my gift of tuning in, seeing and understanding the interconnectedness of things, situations, thoughts and experiences. I am able to map and navigate where you are in your life and create a journey/session that will bring you coherence and understanding.

Together, we meet what arises in awareness, using various medicines and tools, allowing the unseen to be seen. At the same time, we move on through the blocks so that you can experience lightness and a letting go of what no longer serves you. The sessions are highly intuitive and go as deep as you are willing to go.

My calling is to empower you back to yourself. I help imprint a new vision of yourself into your consciousness, allowing you to expand your previous, limited ways and to create movement and opening within you so that your internal shifts are reflected in your external reality.

We always work in Ceremony as I believe healing is a sacred act, calling on higher dimensional support and assistance. I become the conduit of a higher code of healing, a Priestess of what is needed to flow through me to assist you. This allows us to go on a deep journey into the core of your
situation. I hold space for you to surrender while accessing, guiding and leading you to integrate a new way of being.

My work spans from the lightest shift from apathy to joy to profoundly deep shifts at a cellular DNA level. At home in the full spectrum, from shadow to light, I offer you the perfect medicine for what you need, whether it is release, support or celebration.

I use the tools of the artist, mystic, alchemist and visionary.

I use a combination of ancient knowledge and more recently downloaded systems, infused with personal experience and expertise, while creating a space to heal and release. In this space, I am always guided by your soul’s higher resonance.

Here are some of the potent items in my toolkit, which can awaken every sense in your mind and body to bring total aliveness:

  • Essential oils for emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Sound for the sense of hearing
  • Cacao for the heart
  • Kambo, Plant and Animal Medicine for the soul and being able to fully feel
  • Ancestral clearings
  • Intuitive guidance and direction
  • Alignment practices
  • Reprogramming DNA
  • Ceremony and Ritual to connect you to the unseen rhealms and magic within



What You Will Come Away With


This is an exclusive journey. You will go into the world re-programmed, upgraded and without so much of your old shields. You will gain motivation to do good in your life and on the planet. Your fear- and greed-based drives will be replaced by love, connectedness and a deep respect for others. Your vibration or energy will shift into a service-orientated expression that will give your life purpose, meaning and the ability to navigate any challenges or obstacles in the present moment with total acceptance.



Who I’m Calling In


I am calling in people who are in need of change, whether that’s changing a habit or life situation or simply the need to be more of their optimal self. I understand how difficult change can be in this system and how we have been brainwashed for hundreds of years to be motivated by fear and scarcity. This programming keeps us small, trapping us in a way of operating from limitation, with excuses, fear and self-doubt. We create an ongoing reality, based on interlocking patterns of ‘safety,’ that fails to fully satisfy us. This can include addictions that keep us numbed to our
full potential.

There is a way to break out.

I am calling in the change makers and seekers, the truth-givers, the curious and the sick or struggling.

I am opening my services to help bring clarity, direction and healing to those in need.

I aim to serve people by connecting to their heart’s true desires and guiding them to live in harmony with themselves. I want to support them to find their own motivation, to access their ability to navigate life and to affect change in the world for the better.

If this is you, and you long to expand, heal and become a healthier, clearer and happier version of yourself, then I urge you to listen to the call within and find the courage to reach out and connect. I am happy to discuss where you’re at and help you break through to a new you.


Blueprint Reading

Annabelle will take you on a bespoke journey, using shamanic and
western inquiry modalities to unlock the meaning behind patterns that
show up in your life. To journey on, Annabelle will share advice to
deepen your knowledge of divination, astrology and self-inquiry.

Sovereign Hive

Working with the laws of sacred reciprocity.
As we get called into a life of service, it is more important than ever to
look at how we hold ourselves in our daily lives. To be held is a beautiful
dive into the descent of winter, into the Earth of Pachamama. With the
energies of darkness we lean into holding.


15 + 13 =


Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks.

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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness. 

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Kambo is a powerful ally to clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. It brings purification and clarity.

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