Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our 

vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it 

helps to remove, release and transform any blocks.


I work in ceremony so that the space is a container for healing, using various shamanic tools, music, oils, and visualisations. We also do a heart sharing so that everyone can connect with their truth and with each other.


During the ceremony, we drink this health-enhancing elixir together, allowing about 20 minutes for it to take effect. The effects last a few hours but the insights and teachings from Cacao can stay with us forever.


The process of working with Cacao is a beautiful synergy of higher frequencies. Its soft nurturing qualities bring a sense of abundance and energy to each ceremony. The effects are ever-expanding and awe-inspiring.

“The alchemy that came out of this ceremony has filled my heart with gifts of love, honouring and belong so that I can remember all that I am and show up as the best version of me throughout the coming year!”

“Annabelle made us feel so special and was very skilled in helping people express themselves when struggling. I really liked how you work on being just who you want to be without apology and I’m sure you will touch many souls and help many people with your gentle honesty. Thank you”


“I feel at peace; with clarity and an open heart. I feel connected with my ancestral beings within the space you created. Thank you for your energetic vibrations, I feel raised and whole again”
– Clare


What is cacao?
Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of Cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks so that more light and energy can flow within the system. It helps us to shift out of the egoic mind and to bring in our higher selves. In this way, we can express a more authentic version of ourselves and experience this being witnessed. These attributes make Cacao a great medicine to use for any psychological, energetic or physical healing.
Where does Cacao come from?

It’s no surprise that chocolate is so popular in the Western world. We took what was once a native medicine used to heal and expand the heart and corrupted it out of its ceremonial context, using the cheaper, less pure ingredients of the plant alongside chemicals and refined sugars to create a drug rather than a medicine.

The History
The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica. Fermented beverages made from chocolate date back to 350 BC. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and the seeds once had so much value that they were used as a form of currency. Originally prepared only as a drink, chocolate was served as a bitter, from a liquid, mixed with spices or corn puree. It was believed to have aphrodisiac powers and to give the drinker strength. Today, such drinks are also known as “Chilate” and are made by locals in the South of Mexico. After its arrival in Europe in the sixteenth century, sugar was added to it and it became popular throughout society, first among the ruling classes and then among the common people. In the 20th century, chocolate was considered essential in the rations of United States soldiers at war. 

So many of the original ways and medicines have been corrupted and lost in our modernisation that we no longer feel connected to our lands or our ancestors and we lack the right tools in our communities to facilitate peace, harmony and creationThe resurgence of Cacao points to the fact that our species needs to connect with each other more than ever – and healing always starts within.  

I use 100% pure ceremonial grade Cacao from independent Ecuadorian farmers which I infuse with herbs, oils and coconut nectar. Every part of the process is in integrity: using chemical-free lands, supporting the farmers who harvest with traditional methods, and keeping the cost of Cacao sustainable so that it’s available to buy and use. You can purchase our Cacao from our shop  Garden of Alchemy Cacao 

The Ceremony

It’s essential to honour and give Cacao its due respect by using it appropriately to help us connect and tap into healing and guidance.

During the ceremony, we drink this health-enhancing elixir together, allowing about 20 minutes for it to take effect. The effects last a few hours but the insights and teachings from Cacao can stay with us forever. We work with intentions and themes that guide the path of the medicine and maintain our awareness of the process. A ceremony can last between 1 – 4 hours, depending on the nature of the intention.

The results

The process of working with Cacao is a beautiful synergy of higher frequencies. Its soft nurturing qualities bring a sense of abundance and energy to each ceremony. Internal conflicts can be resolved with the penetrating truth that this medicine carries. Cacao brings wisdom to our consciousness so that we can process and heal without struggle and suffering.

The effects of Cacao are ever-expanding and awe-inspiring and I have had the pleasure of seeing this medicine work in a myriad of ways:

A warm welcome to this journey

Every process starts with a calling. A calling is when your being literally resonates with the idea of Cacao, hearing it mentioned, or the sound of the word. It is the Plant Kingdom inviting you to connect to your true nature with the help of its interconnected intelligence.

If you’re being called, either through curiosity or the intelligence of your intuition, to experience Cacao – follow that inner voice. I promise it won’t let you down. I have nothing but gratitude and love for this beautiful heart-centred medicine that continues to permeate my life with purpose, connectedness and love.

If you have a project, idea, baby blessing or some other event that you feel needs witnessing, ceremony, love and connection, then please get in touch to create your personal Cacao Ceremony. If you feel called to work with Cacao, you can also come for a one-to-one with me or choose to attend one of the group ceremonies I offer.

You are warmly welcomed to journey with the profoundly heart-healing and connective medicine of Cacao. Let me be your guide on this transformational journey. Reach out and connect here.

Delicious ceremonial cacao recipe

42-48 grams Garden of Alchemy Ceremonial Cacao
200-250ml of water, Garden of Alchemy Heart Dreams Tea or other herbal teas(don’t boil, or let it cool down for 20 minutes if you do).
2-3 teaspoons of Coconut Sugar
1-2 Drops Essential Oil(We recommend doTERRA Essential Oils as it is regulated for internal use.)
Spices (Cayenne, ginger, black pepper, salt etc.)
Dried Rose Petals, Super Food etc.
Be creative, but keep it simple. Don’t overload the Cacao with too many different medicines.

Collect all your ingredients, clear your environment, smudge, light a candle. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
Allow your mind to call in the people who will be drinking the Cacao. Follow Your intuition on creating the Cacao with regards to ingredients, consider the purpose of the ceremony.

Cut the cacao into small pieces. Heat the water or tea. If making tea, allow the tea to really seep before you use it. 
Either blend or mix the Cacao and water/tea adding the coconut sugar. Just before serving, add any superfoods, spices and oils. Taste at this stage.

Bless your Cacao and open your Ceremony with Prayer.

Dear cacao spirit prayer

Dear Cacao Spirit,
Please guide me to make choices from love,
to face the pain I avoid so it can be transmuted,
to make small changes towards a new more
expansive way of living.

My intention is …………….

Open my heart to Divine Love,


in partnership with cacao amor and Farmers fund charity

Garden of Alchemy collaboration with Cacao Amor
Garden of Alchemy is proud to be partnering with Cacao Amor who has sourced and collaborated with local farmers in a remote area of Ecuador. Investing in the highest quality and ethically sourced Cacao, you are supporting small farms and their families flourish. The Cacao trees are thirty to one hundred years old, free from pollutants, heavy metals and are never sprayed with any nasty pesticides. These farms are small and family run, and we make sure they are paid more than the set trading price of cacao beans.
The process is overseen from tree to bean to bar. The amazing taste and recipe of this High-Grade Cacao is created within the genetics of Cacao Fino y de Aroma – Baleo, maintaining and reproducing ancestral varieties to deliver a Cacao with unique profiles, aromas and health benefits!
For more information about sourcing visit Cacao Amor

As we believe that health starts from the source not only do we guarantee the best Cacao. For every bar sold £2 goes towards education, support and nurturing of the ecological farms. By purchasing this Cacao, you are preserving habitat and improving the quality of life of those who protect and care for it.


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