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Joining a Garden of Alchemy course has been a real turning point for me. As someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be very spiritual, I worried about whether doing a course with Annabelle and Morten would be too far outside my comfort zone but they met me where I was and gently encouraged me to just try things and see what resonated for me. The online course was packed with content and I’ve taken loads from it. I would also highly recommend attending an in-person ceremony or retreat, if you can. I found it such a healing experience, beautifully held by Annabelle and Morten. I felt so well cared for and have left feeling grounded and full of self-compassion.


The course was amazing. With the Kambo ceremony to begin the deep seating inner child that needed to be looked at was uncovered. As we moved through the elements, different life changing realisations were brought up to be looked at an transmuted. Working with the elements was nee to be but has brought to the surface the medicine man to me and enhanced my own ceremony skills and knowledge. Annabelle and Morten held the container perfectly and the beautiful souls contained brought so much love. I’d definitely do this again and will be doing more with the Garden of Alchemy in the future for sure. Thank you, thank you, thank you x


There are NO coincidences in life!


“When the student is ready the teacher appears” this is soooo true with regards to me “finding” Garden of Alchemy
and the owners and practitioners Annabelle and Morten.

The Garden of Alchemy is quickly becoming sanctuary of my spiritual growth.
I have complete trust in Annabelle’s guidance, my connection with her was almost instant and very deep and gave beautiful fruits of my personal and spiritual growth.

The beautiful changes in my life on all levels that are taking place already, are life changing!

I completed couple of courses with Garden of Alchemy, booked new once already and looking forward to soooo much more!

Recommendation can’t in a slightest reflect, the love and appreciation I have for Annabelle and Morten.

They are my earth Angels to teach me and guide me.

Pure Love and gratitude🙏❤🙏


Annabelle and Morten have truly made an impact on my life by delivering this course. Their knowledge comes from years of personal experience and you can feel that throughout the process. Their content is delivered in a way that speaks to the heart and had a way of expanding my perspective on the world of ceremony. I am so grateful for this course and believe so much shifted and changed in my life because of it. I will definitely be referring my community to this program!

I feel much more grounded and pleasurable in my body. I feel more creative and courageous in expressing and sharing my creativity, I feel connected to others and myself and more able to open to new experiences and go with the flow of life as well as to initiate contact and respond to others more confidently. My trust in life and in my guidance has deepened. I feel much more connected to nature and feel ecstasy from simple everyday activities and from being outside. I have greater insight into my mental patterns that hold me back and am able to be lighter about them and not get dragged underneath.

I am so grateful for Annabelle and Morten’s courses. They are both beautiful, lovely, true souls and I felt it even in the Kambo. They both made me feel safe and helped me release a lot of blocked feelings. I usually have trouble in over thinking or worrying but they soon changed that even when they held the space. They are super professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone trying to self heal… Thank you both for your lovely time and energy you have put into this course. Love to you both xx Thank you!

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Annabelle Nicoll

I had the best Birthday celebration of my life! For my 34th Birthday Annabelle held an exquisite, uniquely personal cacao ceremony allowing me to celebrate myself with my community of family and friends. The alchemy that came out of this ceremony has filled my heart with gifts of love, honouring and belong so that I can remember all that I am and show up as the best version of me throughout the coming year! Thank you for creating the safety for myself and my community to release into this Devine remembrance and to celebrate being alive! Thank you for poring your alchemical love wisdom and magic into the cocoa, your blessings, your song and the entire ceremony. It was Devine!

Feeling so blessed to have crossed paths with Annabelle Nicoll. I have been inspired over and over again by her widosm and her powerful presence holding space for me and others in ceremony. I have journeyed with her on the Artists Way with Mama Cacao. It was such a wonderful process of unfolding and tapping into deep pools of my creativity. I have grown in so many ways and planted so many new seeds. I highly recommend doing this course!! thank you ??✨
Vanessa Jaich

I attended a Sacred Cacao Ceremony with dear Annabelle. It was a beautiful space and I felt my body soften and open into a deep place during the ceremony and in the space itself. Dear Annabelle is gifted at holding space providing the safe container to express whatever is present and she offers guidance to allow us to explore ourselves. The Sacred Cacao ritual felt both nourishing and tender and I felt connected through my heart to myself and to all the other beings present. I would recommend this experience to everyone who wishes to experience a Sacred Cacao ritual in a safe space and to feel connected to ourselves and to others. Thank you dear sister, with heartfelt love and appreciation.
Shanti Penelope


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