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Wisdom of the Womb

February 11, 2023 @ 10:00 am - February 12, 2023 @ 6:00 pm


Wisdom of the Womb

Weekend of Medicine for women facilitated by Annabelle Nicoll & Aimee Isra Wolf.

This two day retreat will leave you feeling, soft, nurtured, held and safe. Come and be in a beautiful rural location in the company of other women. Two days of embodied practices, relaxation and healing. We will go deep with the sacred medicines Kambo and Cacao. A journey to clear blockages, open our heart and womb space and soften into our inner truth.

You are invited to let go into the unknown on this deep dive into the heart of your womb and the wisdom that it is speaking to you. Welcoming all of you and where ever you are at into this intimate safe space. As women we hold the whole world within us. Every answer you seek, longing you crave and need you desire is within you, the only secret is learning how to access this. The womb is where creation lies and is the source of all life force energy arises. As we learn to tap into this potent guide within we learn to access ourselves at a deeper level than one can imagine.

Working within a container the weekend is intended to take you on a journey to help you receive the gifts that are waiting for you to unearth.

There is magic waiting and as women we are the weavers of our destiny.


We start the weekend on Saturday. Gathering in prayer and meditation to access our truth and to voice our intended reason for feeling the call to this portal of discovery. We allow the Spirit of Kambo to work in a deep and profound way. Breaking for a delicious nourishing vegan lunch. On Sunday we will journey with Womb Kambo, a gentle yet deep way of meeting the Spirit of Kambo. We will spend the afternoon in sharing circle with music and a deep Cacao Ceremony to help you access the joy within.

The ceremony is set in a beautiful rural location where you will have a chance to really let go of any stress and unwind with nature. The space is deeply holding with comfort and restoration being the focus of the day. There will be medicinal teas and essential oils and plant medicines throughout the weekend. This is truly a sumptuous retreat of plant medicines.

You may choose to sleep over in shared facilities or camping on the grounds, but the weekend is not specifically intended for this.

Kambo Ceremony, Saturday

Our journey starts with an open circle and intention setting. Here we will explore what to expect, the history of Kambo and we will share why we feel called to work with these allies. Please arrive in good time.
Kambo is a powerful ally in clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. Kambo can bring purification and clarity.
We will finish up by 4pm-6pm in the afternoon. The invitation is to give yourself the gift of rest and recovery after the ceremony.

Womb Kambo Ceremony, Sunday

To be held in the womb is to be held at the beginning
A soft, gentle, warm and nurturing environment awaits you on this journey.
Unlike traditional Kambo, this is a space that invites in all the senses even
before the medicine is served. We open up this time(around two hours) for you to drop deeply into yourself, relax the body and mind and arrive into presence.
A heart-opening ceremony, warm fire, beautiful smells and herbal medicine teas.
In preparing the body and mind to receive this medicine, we set intentions,
release expectations and call in the assistance of the Kambo Spirit to guide us to
where we need to go and what we need to see and experience.

Each journey is unique and we set a large container of time so that you can
really dive in and have the experience you need. This is a non-
purgative process, unlike traditional Kambo.
We are working with micro-dose amounts over a long time period while lying down. The medicine can evoke memories, emotions and sensations. Although Kambo is non-psychedelic, just like a shamanic journey,
you may also see some visuals. You can go as deep as you are willing to surrender.

Although this is a microdose amount it can still be a very potent frog medicine journey and we ask you to fill out a health form to see that you are safe to take. Not only will Kambo create a deep healing experience for you, it is also a rich peptide medicine strengthening your immune system, helping you gather insights and strength to heal and resolve anything that needs addressing in your life.

Cacao Ceremony, Sunday

On Sunday afternoon we dive into a beautiful heart opening Cacao ceremony to call in inspiration and love into your bodies. Cacao is a beautiful medicine to help integrate your morning journey and to bring you into a community space where love becomes the guide. There will be some movement and games to help you access the joy and pleasure that is our birth right to feel. You will leave healed, opened and softened with new perspective and direction in your life.

Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks. During the ceremony, we drink this health-enhancing elixir together, allowing about 20 minutes for it to take effect. The effects last a few hours but the insights and teachings from Cacao can stay with us forever.
The process of working with Cacao is a beautiful synergy of higher frequencies. Its soft nurturing qualities bring a sense of abundance and energy to each ceremony. The effects are ever-expanding and awe-inspiring.

Integration Call
We will have an online integration call on TBD.

Previous Experiences from Womb Wisdom Weekend

The moment you meet Annabelle you feel like you’re reuniting with a long lost friend or a loved family member.
Annabelle has made it her life mission to be a guiding light for others treading the path which she has. She shows up with integrity, openness and honesty. She is down to earth, nurturing and uncensored.
I see Annabelle simultaneously as a lighthouse and an anchor. She has spent her entire life gathering tools, doing her own work and freely gifts her knowledge and wisdom. She holds space authentically and generously giving her heart and soul to those of us who’ve been blessed to cross paths with her in this lifetime.
I have sat with Annabelle several times, the last being at a women’s wisdom of the womb retreat. I am still in awe and in deep gratitude for how the space and schedule was held with so much love and empathy.
I felt safe, heard and divinely guided. Annabelle is serious about her work yet her light hearted, fun and playful personality shines through. Despite there being tears and challenging emotions, not to mention difficult physical journeys, there is always room for laughter.
Working with Annabelle has given me the container I need to let go of what no longer serves me and to embark on a transformative journey. She creates a beautiful medicine space, paves the way for us to do our own work while she walks along side us. And always ends a ceremony with delicious nourishing food and a sharing circle. I find it difficult to write about my experience with Annabelle because it feels that words can never do her justice.
– Yasmin

It was my first Womb Kambo Retreat, and 5th Kambo ceremony in the last 10 months.
The ceremonies were amazing, it was so empowering to shear it in a circle of women in a beautiful ceremony room. We were looked after and cared for on all levels, from grounding meditation, actually ceremonies and so needed cacao integration ceremony…we were nourished with delicious food and support by our medicine women Annabelle and Aimee, the whole time, they hold this purifying and healing space for all of us with outmost LOVE, understanding, wisdom and support.
I can’t wait for more…
– Dorota

Annabelle and Morten are two deeply special healers who know their work. They have been on the journey themselves and hold such a profoundly safe, supportive and present space.
I went to them first for a full day couple’s cacao ceremony and then for a women’s kambo womb-healing retreat and both were so special. I was scared to do Kambo but felt called and knew it was my time and the space held leading up to taking Kambo was so incredible, and I was so clear around my intentions by the time it was my turn, that I honestly had little to no fear left. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the weekend was truly life changing, and has marked the beginning of a new chapter for me, and so much of that is because of the deeply intelligent, loving, powerful and safe space that Garden of Alchemy hold. Environment is so much. If you are ready to do this work and alchemise your shadows into your strength, I cannot recommend Annabelle and Morten enough!
– Florence

Annabelle’s Intention

I work with the medicines of Kambo and Cacao to get to the core of what needs to be understood psychological, energetic or physical.

Bringing forth into our consciousness what needs to be made aware, there is the opportunity for transformation and release creating space for your Divine self to take space. Alongside the potent qualities of these medicines, I drop each person into a deep, relaxed state. This turns on the parasympathetic system so that each individual can feel grounded and safe. My belief is we are self-healing beings and given the right conditions we can understand, feel, release and restore ourselves to optimal health and pure love.

I work in ceremony so that the space is a container for healing, using various shamanic tools, music, oils, and visualisations. There is also time for verbal sharing so that everyone can connect with their truth and with each other. In this way, we co-create a space that is authentic, healing, creative and inspirational. We work with consciously chosen intentions and allow the Medicines to work in alignment with your wishes for your journey – you can go as deeply or as gently as you want.

My intention is that you leave the days ceremony altered in some way for the better, lighter, more connected and able to meet the world with your heart and womb leading the way.

Isra Wolf

I am Isra, shamanic practitioner & kambo practitioner. I am here to assist you & guide you on your journey to self….I am here to show you the amazingness of your own being, to re connect you to self & the life you want ~ Through Trauma to oneness.

I self taught for many years reading books and learning from others. I started using plant medicines to assist me and help me build on my understanding and knowledge within. I once read a great quote ‘by knowing ourselves we know others’ and that resonated with me. I then went on to learn Temenos Touch with Evelyn Brodie and her Husband George Christie, a transformational healing therapy which honours the traditions of the Peruvian Shamans Alberto Villoldo and Simon Buxton. I also completed Kambo Practitioner training with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Kambo has been supporting me throughout my journey helping to support and realign me back to my true self, it has truly grounded me and made me a stronger version of my self. 

I now love to pass on my experience to support others with their journeys through the therapies that I offer.



February 11, 2023 @ 10:00 am
February 12, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
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