Phoenix from the ashes

Reset, Unearth and Transform

A Deeply Transformational Process held within a 4-month container using the sacred medicine of Kambo for radically effective metamorphosis.

Together, we will open the space for deep unprocessed programming and wounds to be felt and forgiven, while making space for new insights and behaviours to take root. This Journey is supported by preparation, deep integration and a 4-cycle process that acts as a structure to hold you through profound inquiry and self-reflection.


This is for you if:

  • You’re calling in change and the capacity for more resilience
  • You’re feeling stuck, disconnected and unmotivated, feeling as if life has lost its shine
  • You are ready to face what needs to be faced to heal
  • You want to address a health issue that needs some support. Kambo is one of the richest sources of peptides acting as nature’s vaccines, with the power to address a vast array of disorders.
  • You want to activate your soul and align with your purpose.


This journey can bring about major changes in a very short amount of time. Are you ready?


Death and Rebirth


The deepest fear most of us hold, underneath all the struggles of our day-to-day life, is the fear of Death.


In this lifetime, I have experienced many death and rebirth experiences. Not near-death experiences, but consciously experiencing the mini everyday deaths that for a long time I avoided.


Death is to life as night is to day. Walking with death is about letting go and surrendering the ego’s fixed idea of how life should look. It’s about learning to give up the fight and facing the deepest parts of ourselves. As the Buddhists teach, our journey is to find peace with Death so we can start to live fully.


To work with Kambo is to take on a deliberate initiation, a conscious mini-death process, that will support your rebirth into your most expanded self .Learning to work with the great unknown and to cultivate a life based on trust and love is one of the most challenging yet beautiful paths to walk.


Why this process?


Kambo, the amazing healer of the rain forest, supports you to clear toxins and strengthen your immune system. A single Kambo ceremony can be effective in terms of energising and reviving your health. However, in holding space for Kambo for 5 years, I have seen that those who commit to this path for some time and work with intention see the greatest rewards, shifts and healings.


I have designed this journey with supportive integrative calls to help you process what may be brought up by the Kambo on all levels. The sessions build on each other and with my support, you will be able to assimilate the lessons and embody the changes you long for.


The process includes:

4 x Sacred Kambo Ceremonies

4 x 90 mins Integration Calls

Ongoing Support on Telegram

Availability for add-on support, only available to people working in containers with me.


Why me?


My path is one of fire. As I’ve blazed my path, alchemising the shadows of my past into energy to bring about transformation and to activate my gifts, I have been propelled into a new reality. This helps me secure a better future and brings me into the service of humanity.

My intention is to help unlock the wisdom that already resides within you as I hold a space for transformation and rebalancing to occur.


I offer nothing less than the chance to be the change you want to see in the world. I offer myself as an example of change and possibility. As someone who has created huge transformation in my life, I am living proof that change is possible. My dedication to my own healing and growth is mirrored in my current reality”.


Why you?


I invite souls who are hungry for the advancement of their souls. I invite those who are ready for deep healing and transformation to step inside and hear the call.


If this is you, you may have anger and rage. You may have felt the scars of betrayal and dishonour. Your sensitivity may need to learn how to hold stronger boundaries, and your gifts need gentle tending and fierce devotion to be birthed into the world. The fear of the world may be your background frequency.


Kambo has taught me that my medicine lies in my pain. It’s there all along, as a gift waiting to be discovered.


If it’s time for you to take a leap of faith and dive deep in, I’m here to support you as you remember and reclaim your power.


Do not be afraid of your fire. It is your power. Do not be afraid of your deaths, as they are the springboard for the rising of the Phoenix within. You will be humbled by life, which will gift you humility over arrogance. The path of fire can burn, but it can also illuminate, warm and reflect us back to our truths, our hearts and our desire to serve for the greatest good of all.


Phoenix from the Ashes is designed for you to do a deep internal and energetic cleanse, allowing the medicine of Kambo to support a radical transformation in your life.


It’s time to taste your destiny!


5 star Kambo delivery and integration service with Annabelle. I trusted Annabelle completely during my ceremony and felt held strongly which is needed as this is deep work! Strong support but gentle delivery- lots of insights and shifts and after support too. X


My vision and Intention


My heart’s desire is to live in a world where people are willing and able to take full responsibility for their lives and choices. When responsibility is owned and blame stops, so does war, be it internal or external. The path to self-responsibility is a journey and along the way we all need support and guidance.

To be able to hold more and more self-responsibility, we need to not be living from fear. To step out of living in fear, we need to heal.

My intention is to work with the energies that are needed to help others root into their true nature. I desire to be of support and guidance to those seeking to expand, grow, heal and function at a higher level than they have previously known.

I see growth as a spiral that’s in constant movement. As we heal, unblock, release, acknowledge and become more aware, we move. We gain more connection, love, compassion, clarity and direction.

My intention is to help unlock the wisdom that already resides within you as I hold a space for transformation and rebalancing to occur.


4 Month Kambo Immersion

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6 Month Group Journey
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