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13 weeks, delivered over 5months, this is a journey home to soul-led creativity.

Are you ready to transform? This course marks a journey through the rebirth cycle of deeper space holding. In this container you’ll be Held in a restorative Winter, creating new offers in Spring. This October, you are invited to retreat into a deep container of being held, release your fears, and rebirth as a powerful practitioner in March.

Held – 7weeks October – December

Hold – 6weeks January – February

Using the power of the seasons we will journey through 13 weeks of space holding in a way that prepares you to birth transformational offerings that exist beyond any modality, and are a unique connection to you. Each half of the course is a journey through the polarity of being held yourself and holding others. This isn’t just a training course, it’s a journey with your soul’s mission to walk your unique path of service.

What you can expect:

  • 13x 2hour long group calls
  • 6months of holding in a group chat
  • Resources on our online platform (with 2 preparation weeks)
  • An inquiry workbook for each section of the course: Held and Hold
  • Interactive practices for each week of the course

Let go of fear, scarcity, insecurity, and ‘not enough time’, to journey with nourishment, self-healing and return to source. In this online group, you will connect and grow together. You will be held and deeply supported in an intimate community space, as you shed limitations.

When you have leant into your unique way of being held you will be guided by Annabelle through your personal journey to embody this wisdom and sense divine guidance. You will then construct offers to hold spaces from a unique position of profound experience.

You will leave this course feeling deeply nourished, seen, and held, carrying a new blueprint for the spaces you hold with others. You will stand to serve humanity from a place of sovereign power.

Topics we will journey with:

  • What you look for in healing containers and how you form your unique spaces
  • What wounds are still operating and how your wisdom shapes the spaces you hold
  • What are you releasing and what values guide your offers
  • What your unique rhythms and cycles are and how to integrate them in business
  • What the process of embodiment is and how to create offers from love, not fear

Who is this course for?

We recommend this course to practitioners who are already working in a holistic wellness business, or brave beginners who are ready to create something unique. The scope of our work meets many different modalities, welcoming: coaches to bodyworkers, herbalists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, ceremonialists, celebrants, and carers. However you intend to apply this course in your life, you will hunger for the following:

  • A relationship with self as a navigation system; creating offers from integrity
  • A profound and professional relationship with ceremony as an artform
  • A path of service with boundaries that serve you; I fill my cup first
  • A desire to connect other human beings to their unique sovereign power to walk into a new story of humanity

Why we need to be held

How to book:

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My vision and Intention


My heart’s desire is to live in a world where people are willing and able to take full responsibility for their lives and choices. When responsibility is owned and blame stops, so does war, be it internal or external. The path to self-responsibility is a journey and along the way we all need support and guidance.

To be able to hold more and more self-responsibility, we need to not be living from fear. To step out of living in fear, we need to heal.

My intention is to work with the energies that are needed to help others root into their true nature. I desire to be of support and guidance to those seeking to expand, grow, heal and function at a higher level than they have previously known.

I see growth as a spiral that’s in constant movement. As we heal, unblock, release, acknowledge and become more aware, we move. We gain more connection, love, compassion, clarity and direction.

My intention is to help unlock the wisdom that already resides within you as I hold a space for transformation and rebalancing to occur.


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