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Initiation into the Feminine Ways to Activate your Sovereign Power

April 30, 2022 @ 10:30 am - May 1, 2022 @ 6:00 pm



30 April /1st may


10:30am – 6pm each day

Integration call online

Friday 6th 6-8:30pm

A two-day retreat


Initiation into the Feminine Ways to Activate your Sovereign Power

Dear sisters,


We call your being into the light. We hear your longings, and we feel your bone-deep knowing that you are here to walk the Feminine Way and to carve a new Path for humanity to follow. We are calling the way showers, the leaders, the artists and healers to unite and to Initiate together in Ceremony. To birth the new paradigm. The new Earth.

A magical weekend celebrating with the energies of Beltane and the soul within.

This weekend is an opportunity to disconnect for a moment from your everyday life and drop in deep to the magic that you are. To discover and uncover, remember and honour the wise one within. Supported by the energies of the Rose and Mama Cacao, as well as your temple holders Annabelle and Layla and of course each other, we will go on a mystical journey together, weaving our individual magic into the space, through sharing, movement, journeying, meditation and activation

The energy of the weekend is over lighted by the Goddess, the sacred feminine, inviting you in deeper to meet with those aspects of yourself and to claim yourself as the women that you are, celebrating yourself in all of your technicolour glory. All is welcomed in this space, all is welcomed within who you are, your light and your shadows.

The energy of unconditional love will hold you, in the unseen realms and through each of us as we witness one another and celebrate in the beauty of sisterhood. We are here at this time to transform not only ourselves but the world around us. Not through pressure, or a sense of should, but by finding and uncovering the love that we are at our very core. We are that which we seek. It is time for us to celebrate the women we know we came here to be.

Why Now

Deep within our wombs lies a portal that connects us to all of life. This is our gift as women. When we awaken the power within our bodies, we awaken a consciousness that is asking to be birthed into the world. These are not times of passivity and yet the feminine way does not drive, push or try. The feminine way invites, opens and expands.

Never has there been a time to step into your full Power like now. As women, we are seeded here on this planet in these times to bring about great change. This change asks us to heal from the distorted patriarchal ways, to find deep empathy, compassion and love for our fellow brothers and sisters. It asks us to understand our wounds and to shed so much love on them that they transform into divine tools of grace and power.

The trauma of the last couple of thousand years weighs heavily on all our souls. We are here to be part of the healing team, the way showers to help humanity heal and to find a new way of operating in the world. We are being asked to reprogram old, outdated structures of beliefs and habits and to seed a divine mission: to create templates as a foundation for the new. At these pivotal times and turning points in the history of humankind, we are ready to step into our full power and reclaim our sovereignty.


Do you feel the call to be claimed by this Initiation? Beltane is a perfect Portal for this magical and divine Initiation. You will know if this is a part of your destiny, as this calling will spark a true resonance within you.

To create an intimate and powerful space, this transformative weekend will be limited to only 6 women. The space is held by Annabelle and Layla, who have both journeyed with the energy of the high priestess, the shamanic medicine women and healer for many lifetimes. In this container, you are being invited to remember and activate your sovereign and sexual power, cosmic blueprint and Divine Mission.

Working with ancient Elemental wisdoms, we will weave in ceremony to create a vessel of such profound holding that alchemy will be stirred. Shadow states that you have been carrying through the multitude of lifetimes and your ancestral line that are ripe to be transformed will be called in for healing. Expect release and purification on the deepest level of your soul. Beltane calls us to rise towards the light and shine, claim our throne and be the queens we were born to be.

Layla And Annabelle

We offer a space of honesty, authenticity and radical transparency. We are in celebration of our humanness as well as deeply connecting to the vast assistance that lives in the universe. As channels who recognise ourselves as expressions of the divine, we hold that recognition for you too. We work with a multitude of feminine archetypes, deities, dakinis, archangels and spiritual tools.

Our work is of the highest, cleanest and purest vibrations of love. We are both trained to work with the Akashic Records and go deep into the underworld to excavate hidden gems that need birthing. We bridge the therapeutic with shamanic knowledge. All of our work is highly intuitive, experiential and Spirit-led. We are the real deal, sisters, and we say this to show you that we are not afraid to speak our truth and own our power.

Are you ready to express your feminine power too? To discover what that really means to you and to access your blueprint of why you came to this planet and feel called to come together as Feminine leaders to be part of a great awakening.

Together we rise

The Collective Dream

As carriers of the feminine essence, we have the potential to tap into the dream that wants to be birthed on this planet. Your heart and womb are big enough to dream not only for yourself but for a new humanity. It is our divine assignment to hold visions of a world that we would one day want our children’s children to inhabit.

Imagine a world that is healed with respect, understanding and community; a world that fosters rather than destroys life. A world where we learn to take full responsibility for ourselves and learn how to heal, using tools that support the expansion of consciousness and return us to our power as self-healing and self-regulating beings. A world where we live in the right environments and our true purpose.

As part of a team of light beings on this planet, we are here to seed and collaborate in community, to serve. This weekend serves as a remembrance of your reason for coming here and an opportunity to connect with other sisters who also have a calling to be in great service to this beautiful life, our planet and to humanity. This is our collective dream and our birthright. This knowledge lives in our bones and DNA.

Let’s weave magic together.

No more playing small, sisters. You are being called to initiate, to be held and guided by Spirit as feminine leaders on this planet. Rich and expansive visions and possibilities await.

We are so excited to bring this weekend into being. The energy around the creation has been so powerful and expansive and I am assured that the beings who are called to this are sisters who are here to shine and learn how to do this together.

What to expect:

We will have two full days of magic, ceremony, nature, shamanic journeys, rituals, movement and time in circle with our sisters, supported by the energy of the Rose and Mama Cacao to connect and integrate. There will be delicious food prepared each day by Alex who specialises in preparing food with love and harmony to support our systems doing this deep work.

There is the option to bring a tent or rent our cabin on wheels. Once you have booked, we will send you more details in an information letter with all preparations.

The moment you meet Annabelle you feel like you’re reuniting with a long lost friend or a loved family member.
Annabelle has made it her life mission to be a guiding light for others treading the path which she has. She shows up with integrity, openness and honesty. She is down to earth, nurturing and uncensored.
I see Annabelle simultaneously as a lighthouse and an anchor. She has spent her entire life gathering tools, doing her own work and freely gifts her knowledge and wisdom. She holds space authentically and generously giving her heart and soul to those of us who’ve been blessed to cross paths with her in this lifetime.


The ceremonies were amazing, it was so empowering to shear it in a circle of women in a beautiful ceremony room. We were looked after and cared for on all levels, from grounding meditation, actually ceremonies and so needed cacao integration ceremony…we were nourished with delicious food and support by our medicine women Annabelle and Aimee, the whole time, they hold this purifying and healing space for all of us with outmost LOVE, understanding, wisdom and support.
I can’t wait for more…


My intention is to work with the energies that are needed to help others root into their true nature. I desire to be of support and guidance to those seeking to expand, grow, heal and function at a higher level than they have previously known.

I see growth as a spiral that’s in constant movement. As we heal, unblock, release, acknowledge and become more aware, we move. We gain more connection, love, compassion, clarity and direction.

My intention is to help unlock the wisdom that already resides within you as I hold a space for transformation and rebalancing to occur.



As a child I always knew there was more to life than the mainstream narrative, I was blessed to have a Mother who began her own awakening process when I was about 10. In my late teens I began to hear the voice of Gaia and could feel the pain of destruction our current way of living was having on the Earth. At this time I also began to perceive the Angelic realm and receive information about how life works here on Earth, I am still on that path of learning! I trained as a Soul reader, energy healer and channeler back in 2009. Through this work and reading my clients I began to sense the energy of the feminine in her many beautiful facets. From Mary Magdalene’s energy, to Isis, Mother Mary and what I called the great cosmic mother.

This training opened my senses even more and I began to see through the veils into the hidden realms of nature, the realm of the elementals.  I began to receive information and insights directly from these realms and many beings that live there. I have often found that the teachings I have received in my life have come directly from life itself.

I am also a jeweller and have been working with sacred geometry for the last 10 years or so. Playing with these codes and frequencies go hand in hand with having access to these other realms. Over the past couple of years the energy of the Rose and Venus have really stepped forward to be expressed through my creativity and to support women on their feminine awakening journey.

I have raised a daughter and journeyed through the energies of maiden and Mother, the journey of crone now is ahead of me as I integrate all I have learned up to this point.

I am in devotion to the Sacred feminine, to nature and to the awakening that I see taking place. My own awakening is my priority in my life, I believe that we need to fill our own cups, to come to a place of overflow and in that state we are naturally of service to the whole.

Alexadria Rose

Alexandria is plant based chef, naturopath and nutritionist, with over 10 years of experience of catering retreats. With a deep connection to plant wisdom, she uses intuition and colour therapy to create meals that activate all of the senses and help people feel nourished.


April 30, 2022 @ 10:30 am
May 1, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
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