What is Kambo used for? There is many uses for Kambo. Traditionally the Matsi Tribe of the Amazon used Kambo to prepare for hunting, as a medicine for physical illness and for clearing negative energy. Clients come with many different intentions. Some clients simply wants to get out of a rut, and others want to use Kambo to support them mentally, physically or spiritually.

Does Kambo make you hallucinate? Some of our clients experience visions during their treatment. This is not very common, but if you have recently had other substances this can be contraindicated with Kambo and can cause you to have hallucinations. What does Kambo feel like? Generally people experience heat, dizziness, nausea as the Kambo comes on. When the blood pressure drops Kambo makes you feel sick and eventually causes purging, stomach cramps and can cause symptoms of underlying illness. After the treatment and some rest clients usually feel either very energised or tired. Three days after ceremony clients often feel really energised and good. Is Kambo legal? Yes, Kambo is legal in the UK. The word in the Kambo community is to keep low key as Kambo is in a grey zone. How long does Kambo last? A Kambo Ceremony usually last around 3 hours. Including introduction, preparations, intention setting, meditation. The Kambo Treatment last between 20-40 minutes. After the treatment we invite our clients to rest. We finish the ceremony with a delicious meal and a closing circle. Is Kambo cruel to frogs? We source our Kambo from IAKP and the Matsi Tribe. The way the Matsi sources the Kambo is by singing the frogs down from the trees. They pick up to frog by letting it walk onto a stick. With no skin to skin contact they tie the frog with little ropes to hold it while they gently scape the secretion off their backs. The frogs usually hang around after the sourcing. The rope leaves a little mark on the frog, so the tribe can tell if Kambo has been collected or not. The Matsi tribe never over harvest from the frogs. Are Kambo scars permanent? The Kambo points slowly fades over time. Depending on location and how your skin reacts it may permanently scar. Therefore some clients want to make a design out of the points. What do you do after Kambo? After a Kambo Ceremony we usually recommend a couple of days rest and integrating your experience. There is many different ways to integrate a ceremony. You could book a integration session with us, journal, meditate, exercise and other things that will support your process.

How do you prepare for the Kambo ceremony?

  • Low caffeine (none on the day), red meat and keep your diet clean, low sugar.

  • No weed, recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before Kambo.

  • Drink lots of water the day beforehand and have an early night.

  • Avoid watching TV and reading the news – limit your screen time to only what is needed.

  • Fill out the intention setting document and give yourself time to do this. Can’t express how supportive and effective this


Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way, making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits. We provide Kambo treatments and Kambo Ceremony in Brighton, UK.

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