For hundreds of years our Ancestors have lived under the shadow of slavery. This has shown up in the patriarchal system with repression of women, to the African slave trade to many more examples. We each carry these traumas in our DNA, no one is exempt. We have been the victims and the perpetrators in past lives as well as carrying the ancestral memories into our current behaviours and belief systems.

I believe life is asking for a deep healing of forgiveness to occur so we may step into a new way of relating to each other and to our existence. This is the transformation of our times, the caterpillar to the butterfly. We are all connected beyond the illusion of separation, so thus we are on this journey together, consciousness working through each of us to bring us to transformation.

When we heal, we will forgive and approach the simple doings in our life with a sense of love and gratitude because we do not carry distortion in our energetic field. We drop blame and the need to separate to a larger more unconditional loving approach of all that is. We discover we are the conscious creators of our lives.


So often our lives mirror the larger collective trauma. The simple chores of washing the dishes for example can hold a vast underbelly of resentment, repression, anger and suppression when triggered. These memories stored deep within are passed down the family line until someone decides to clear up the haunted programming. Have you ever questioned why domestic problems hold so much pain?

This is why working on the details of your life is so important, nothing is insignificant, everything holds a key to freedom.

Are we willing to become explorers of our consciousness, to dive deep into the programmed patterns, enquiry and release so we may discover a new way of showing up in our lives?

We can begin this journey with a willingness to feel, to go in, to own our pain. By feeling we allow the trapped energy to surface. If the pain is too much, we can slow down the process, allowing ourselves huge amounts of self-love to help hold the pain emerging. From here we enquiry to the source of the pain, ask for guidance and honour the need for time and space for this work to be done. Acknowledging our wounds, we can begin to soothe them. Understanding that nothing was or ever is personal and that these wounds were laid down in our consciousness as a means to survive often traumatic situations. We begin the radical process of forgiveness. We become Alive in the fullest sense.

Are you willing to step deeply into the journey of your life, to know you came here with everything you needed to transcend your traumas into love?

You are the alchemist, no one can do the healing for you, some may guide and offer you tools to work with but it takes the deepest commitment and courage to forgive. This does not mean to forget, we live to learn the lessons not to repeat them but to grow from them.

x Annabelle


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