There is often a fine line between healthy self protection and the reactive trauma response of defense. As a child if we experience shock and trauma and we are not soothed and nurtured by our peers then this  trauma if repeated or intense can become an inbuilt defence mechanism. The well known  Byron Katie always says  “defence is the first act of war”. What this means is that the energy of defence brings us into a conflict state within ourselves and others, it creates a duality of wrong and right, of good and bad. Every time we become triggered this programmed response which is stored unconsciously goes into defence. When we start to heal, we need to go beneath the defence to discover what is being protected, and what needs to be felt and understood . From here we can begin to defuse the need to be in a defensive state. This however does not mean we drop all protection as we may discover than in our need for protection, we learn how to  create healthy boundaries and avoid conflict which is often common when defense is at play Our journey to discover who we are and understand what makes us tick is a crucial experience to start to separate our traumas from our boundaries. Then we start to understand the difference between reaction and response. For example, one may discover that watching scary movies was once manageable but now becomes too much. Is it that we have become more sensitive and now are in touch with the impact of the movies? On the path of healing we begin to feel more and thus begin to choose what we surround ourselves with, who and what environments. The need to defence comes from a core wound of feeling unsafe in the world. Safety lies in the root chakra and is formed in developmental ages of 0-7 years old, this is the period where we learn about survival, safety and nurturing. If during this stage our safety was compromised, we can default to an unsafe space very quickly. To cope we create all sorts of survival patterns. The main categories for this are in the Flight, Fight or Freeze response. All trauma responses manifest in different expressions. Getting to know how you are responding in a triggered state can start to bring you into awareness of where you feel unsafe in life, how to begin to communicate with others and how to take some steps to nurture, protect and soothe your inner child. Defence feels automatic, it happens quicker than we have time to process, protection comes more from a considered, processed state. To rewire our programming, we often find we are out of balance. We have no sense of healthy boundaries, self-love and self-limitations and yet can fly off the handle over something seemingly small. Healthy Protection • Boundaries. • Nurturing/Self- love. • Knowing Self Limitations. New programming • It’s safe to relax • You are never alone • No-One can put out your light • Nothing is ever personal The next time you react with the program of defence take some time after to sit with it, start to feel into what was really going on . Ask yourself how would it look to have responded differently and what protection do I need to put in place to avoid this repeating. You may even find you don’t need protection but to have a conversation to start to unpack whats going on . We all need help and support in our lives if we want to grow strong and heal . Finding a therapist who can help you work through this is never a bad idea.
Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices. 

Onguard Essential Oil for Protection
I work and sell dōTERRA Essential oils because I feel they carry the highest vibration and
potency of any essential oils I have worked with. Essential oils are the immune system of the
plant so protection is what they are here to do, to help keep the system of the organism in a
healthy state. When we work with essential oils their medicine is to activate our own
immune systems and energy fields to respond, self-repair and raise to match the frequency
of the oil been used.
The oil I reach for when I think of protection is Onguard. When I first worked with this oil, I
really didn’t like it and I had very little boundaries surprisingly! Now I see how strong my
boundaries and sense of protection is. I use this oil whenever I need to go into the city or
groups of people as an energetic shield, on the first signs of sickness and in a diffuser to
keep the home free from air borne sickness and negative energies.
This is a blend of 5 oils that create a synergy of self-protection on a physical, emotional and
spiritual level. This oil works to help protect individuals from bacteria, mold and viruses, this
oil is been used in hospital to kill airborne disease such as MRSA. On a energetic level it
clears and wards of energetic parasites, domineering personalities and negative vibes. It
strengthens the immune system and the inner self. Raising ones inner resolve to stand up
for themselves and live a life of integrity. This blend helps support those who have suffered
from their boundaries been violated and have weakened boundaries needing strengthening.
It gives strength to say “No” maintaining healthy boundaries and cutting away unhealthy co-
dependence in relationships or emotional virus found in negative group thought. This oil
helps gently assist in learning to stand up for oneself and live with integrity.

Onguard ( an essential oil blend that creates Protection)
Wild Orange( Oil of Abundance),
Clove ( Oil of Boundaries),
Cinnamon (Oil of Sexual harmony),
Eucalyptus (Oil Of Wellness)
Rosemary Oil ( oil of Knowledge and transitions)
On guard is in the family Essential kit and can be purchased in my shop

You get what you tolerate