I’ve always loved the idea of legacy, the concept of leaving a trace of truth beyond life. Something that lives on, a purpose so much greater than you are.

This idea of purpose calls me; it’s a force that wants to penetrate the fabric of our beings to bring clarity, love, illumination. And in the deepest sense, this can move through us and into the other. Just like ancestry, but more so with a concept or an idea. I know this is a big dream and …

What is it they say?

‘Dream big.’

When we consider our legacy, we are brought face to face with the reality of our death.

There is no arguing with death. It is inevitable. It is the only thing we know. It is assured.

And yet, to ponder on the subject brings so much to the surface. It invokes so many unresolved traumas, unlived dreams, a panic that “we did life wrong”, that there isn’t enough time left to put it right.

To counteract our fears, we need to listen to them, consider them, and go beyond the fear, into the trapped emotion. It is there that we can find the trauma, release it, and thank fear for protecting the truth until it was ready to be heard.

What’s behind the veil?

Fear has a purpose, as does every experience, state or feeling.

We live in a society where often, when someone doesn’t have the answer (or understanding for why something is the way it is), we just ignore it, brush it aside.

I see this as a type of illusion/delusion that serves as a protection.

Because the truth can be hard to swallow.

Especially when we have limited tools to process the ‘hugeness’ of this concept.

Life is full of shocks, losses, interruptions, disappointments, death, and confusion.

Fear doesn’t do the job of allowing us to avoid life. In fact, it ‘shuts down’ our life force to run on a different frequency. It gives us a safe and small way of living, that the illusion says we are in control of.

The lives we’re living become wrapped in fear. Now, that’s the hardest bit to swallow.

The mind will say that without this protection, we will have to face all of our fears, and yes, this may be true.

But fear is not real. Fear is false evidence appearing to be real. The battle is within yourself. It’s about facing your fears and discovering that underneath the protection, there is a feeling asking to be felt and released.

It”s almost as if fear makes prisoners of the shadow parts of our psyches, locks them up and punishes them for their existence. Such a reflection of how we treat criminals and people who have done wrong on our planet. Their actions do not fit within controlled reality, so we must remove them from sight.

Restoring the harmony of reality

But truth be told, we can’t regulate as a species by locking up aspects of ourselves. It’s unsustainable and dysregulates the natural harmony of reality.

We need to turn inwards and allow the pain, which is all the constricted energy, to be moved and released.

This process creates so much momentum in our energetic bodies that the light rushes into our bodies like a balm of healing that coats each one of these traumas, resulting in love.

The protection then becomes love because there is nothing to fear.

We must use our suffering as a gateway to greater understanding.

This, I believe, is the game of life.