If you were designed to quantum jump this lifetime, then let me help you design the springboard and landing pad to help you make that shift. We are all designed to grow and change. This lifetime we are living in times of rapid ascension.

To understand the process of awakening is deeply permissible to the chaos that exists in service of our transformation. To not only make the jump but to stabilise at a new level of consciousness and metabolise the karmic debt before taking another leap is the path of the soul whose previous incarnations have reached a point of readiness.

I believe our ascension is ripening us to create and bridge a new paradigm. On a higher perspective we are the architects and engineers of a new reality being downloaded and awakened within and through us.

We are birthing and the healing needed to access the inner knowledge within is what we are designed to do to accomplish our Dharma here. There is no path to follow in these times and the structures and teachings of the old paradigm will only uphold us for so long until we begin to let go of the scaffolding that holds our soul and begin to innovate and create from an inner knowing utilising skills and tools and to be guided by a higher source.

Remembering and relating to our life path as the experience needed to code our souls to higher frequencies, radical self-trust, and openness to receive our purposes needed as we unfold and unfurl into conscious divine beings radiating a flow and transmission of truth.

The truth is here now, and we have been asked to attune to it and shine. In the dismantling we activate codes within our DNA like locks which activate us into a higher field of consciousness. From here we can accomplish the ideas and inspirations that drop us in increasing joy as we begin to touch the heart.

Our hearts see humankind through a deep reflection of the love we are. Our hearts flower open as love pours through our beings, generating a field of love that attracts others who also unfurl and flower, creating a meadow of hearts, all harmonizing and creating a moment of beauty in time.

To exist in a field of possibilities is to become the artist and alchemist, the mystic, and the creator. As we think from this state our thoughts come from the heart and reason drops down and establishes a higher octave, guiding humanity through a full body understanding of reality. Our words become infused with the hand of love as its imprint goes beyond the creation into the very fabric of existence. We become part of the creation of reality, and our power to do so is infinite.

We create for the privilege and the deep need to express the patterns of the universe that dance and spiral in such awe that our pulse taps us into a source. Our wishes to create beauty, love, and joy, and for the children of the earth to awaken to the possibilities of life and the wonder of being here.

As we awaken, we merge with everything, as we realise, we are everything, and from here we choose.