Recently, I held a bespoke container for two powerful women. What I’m constantly aware of is when setting intentions, is how many women, (even those that come across as strong independent and confident) choose the intention ‘I am safe’ or, ‘It is safe to be a woman’. 

And it is one of the most intended intentions I hear in my practice. I feel, to understand this, we are talking about how this feeling of unsafety is a universal state within women and men. The other day, it landed deeper than it had before. 

My consciousness understood so profoundly how women, particularly, especially those on the healing path, are addressing a huge collective wound that has embedded itself across cultures, races, and ages. A wound of unsafety and uncertainty in expressing womanhood.

It boggles me that an entire gender, (and this also bleeds into the masculine, but here we address the feminine) on planet Earth feels unsafe at it’s core. That means women live by survival adaptations and a performance mentality on a day-to-day existence. This is shocking, yet not surprising. You only need to look at the last few hundred years to understand. Trauma doesn’t just die with your death; it is passed from one generation to the next. 

It becomes encoded in cultural communications. If not addressed and healed, it becomes normalized and distorted so we can cope and live with it. It is time for this coping to stop and for the wound to heal. We have a birth right to safety and sovereignty. When we feel safe, our nervous system regulates, our intuition sparks on, creativity can flow. and our choices come from love, not fear.

Our life opens up and begins to flow. However, it takes brave women to admit the depth of this wound and be willing to face the ancestral pain that has to be healed. In Kambo, we purge and release that which no longer serves us, (including patterns of behaviour and physical manifestations of trauma). We strengthen the body with a rich peptide cocktail, which is like a huge vitamin shot, an immune boosting vaccine. 

Clarity emerges, and a deep understanding. We are released from karmic ties and contracts. If you are someone who feels unsafe and struggle at your core to feel safe as a human, then Kambo may be for you. I work in deep transformational containers to shift huge amounts of trauma in a held and supportive environment.

It’s your birth right to feel safe and take your life into your own hands. May we be awakened from the slumber we are living in and liberate ourselves. It is my prayer that women can begin to taste the sweetness of safety as I myself can in my life.