Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Ceremonial Cacao is a beautiful gift, and our goal is to share its love generously. Purchase the Cacao, follow the ceremonial recipe, and spread this heart-opening elixir with as many friends as possible.

    Ceremonial Cacao Recipe


    • 42-48 grams Garden of Alchemy Ceremonial Cacao
    • 200-250ml water, Garden of Alchemy Heart Dreams Tea, or other herbal teas (avoid boiling, or let it cool down for 20 minutes if you do)
    • 2-3 teaspoons Coconut Sugar
    • 1-2 Drops Essential Oil (Use oils regulated for internal use)
    • Spices (Cayenne, ginger, black pepper, salt, etc.)
    • Dried Rose Petals, Superfood, etc.


    1. Get Ready:

      • Gather all your ingredients.
      • Clear your space, light a candle, and take a moment to relax.
    2. Prepare Cacao:

      • Cut the ceremonial cacao into small pieces.
      • Warm the water or tea, and if using tea, let it steep.
    3. Mix It Up:

      • Blend or stir cacao with water/tea, and add coconut sugar.
      • Just before serving, mix in superfoods, spices, and oils.
      • Taste it to make sure it’s just right.
    4. Start the Ceremony:

      • Bless your cacao.
      • Kick off the ceremony with a prayer.
    5. Be Creative:

      • Feel free to play with ingredients but keep it simple.
      • Trust your instincts based on the ceremony’s purpose.

    Enjoy your Ceremonial Cacao!