Garden of Alchemy was created with integration in mind. After journeying with earth medicines for some years, I experienced a deep need for holding and support transitioning back into daily life. I learnt how to integrate the teachings of deep medicines, and on this path I found a range of: modalities, recovery practices, self-care and spiritual disciplines that would help me move through all life’s changes. My journey with earth medicines showed me how to heal, grow and bring my medicine to myself. 

I created these beautiful products as part of that journey, finding gentle plant medicine allies that could assist the emotional, spiritual and physical body with recovery not just from the releases of plant medicine journeys, but any expansive experience. With these teachings, I weaved my mind, body and spirit learnings into a healthier, less reactive way of life.

in this article, I’ll share activities I find useful in my work with integration, and offer guidance for using each product to integrate your teachings from an expansive experience into your everyday life.


  1. Spend time in nature daily. The power nature has over our nervous system (and ability to relax) is profound. As we spend more time in the natural world we become more aligned with our own nature. Nature really is the cure. Create a rhythm in your life where nature is part of your day just like sleeping and eating is.

  2. Journalling. Try a dream journal ( recording your dreams every night). Your dream state can ramp up after a plant medicine journey so be aware of your dreams. Write a gratitude diary: list the things you are grateful for every day. The power of gratitude is akin to the power of love. If you want to access more love in your life be grateful.

  3. Create a sensitivity journal. Become aware of what touched/activated you during ceremony. Notice, and gain awareness to your sensitivity. This will increase after a plant medicine journey and may ask you to alter who you spend time with, where and what your body can handle. It is a gift, as you will become more aware of your superpowers. Your senses will enhance so your intuitive and internal navigation system will start to operate as intended. The bi-product of this is a need for better boundaries and limitations around your time and energy .

  4. The body (Movement/breath/diet). The body holds everything. To experience life to the deepest, we need to use our bodies. Trauma is stored in our fascia and organs. This asks us to shake, move, dance, breathe, and detox. Sometimes after a plant medicine journey we may feel a need to change our diet or exercise. I cant emphasise enough the importance of going beyond the mind and into the body. Dance is also a great way to liberate stuck emotions and help energy circulate through the body. We were made to move, so move. Use your breathe to oxygenate your being, process old stagnant cells and revitalise yourself.

  5. Support. Have support in your life. This can be a: therapist, body worker, a cleaner (my favourite), the more support you have, the more you can support yourself and others. Don’t let your lack mentality keep you in a vicious cycle of poverty consciousness. As you take care of yourself you will see the will of the divine look after you. Intimacy, and the capacity to connect with others, is born from the capacity to be vulnerable and honest. So, a therapist can be the perfect person to explore communication and create a sense of perspective and safety to go into the deeper parts of yourself.

  6. Give back. I believe everything about this way if life is sacred reciprocity. So, as we receive we give. To give from an empty container is a parasitical exchange. We need to learn how to give from a full tank. This could be a letter to someone you care about, helping an old lady in your apartment block or supporting a charity that you believe in. As we give, the flow of life force energy creates a infinity loop so just as the breath moves in and out we become breathed by life.


Plant essences dance with the realm of memory. Smell is a way to interact with emotions and essential oils capture the lightest aspects of the plant, communicating messages from nature’s spirit guides. In many shamanic traditions plants are revered and believed to carry wisdom far greater than our own.

When integrating into the material reality from travelling in higher dimensions, plant essences can lay down a bridge.

  • Earth Oil may be a perfect ally if you find yourself lost in higher dimensions, experiencing visions, or generally feeling lost in the sky. The barks, resins, and roots will send signals to your energy field to reconnect with the heavier state of matter.

  • Air Oil is a gift for the moments the world feels too heavy, or when struggling to find focus. Using the sharp, clarifying energies of mint, this oil offers a comforting companion to bring the world back into focus.

  • Fire Oil is an ally for action. If you find yourself stagnant or unable to move in states of fear, citrus and spices can support your movement and is a great tool for somatic releasing in the form of dance, stretching, or yoga.

  • Water Oil is a gentle support for strong emotions and can be kept on hand for moments of releasing and remembering. If we can allow our emotions the opportunity to surface and be seen, we can better hold ourselves and integrate deep teachings from nature. A great companion for journalling or warm baths.

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Our incense blends encompass plant allies from traditional cultures all over the world. Incense is believed to carry the plant spirit on the air and take your prayers and worries up with the smoke. Incense can be a useful tool to call in the support of your spirit guides and protect your energy field from negative forces.

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Herbal blends steeped in water can support the physical body with flushing toxins after a medicine journey and offer deeper hydration. Our yoni steam is a fantastic support for feminine cleansing and our tea blends supportive herbs to help your inner voices find union and settle into peace.

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To integrate your heart, Cacao is a medicine that energises and connects you to your inner nature. Holding a Cacao Ceremony with a sharing circle of loved ones is a great way to empower your true voice and call in support. A Cacao Ceremony can also be a good opportunity to enter into deep prayer, meditation, and expression (art, creation, dance, song, etc.)

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We hope this has helped you If you’re seeking extra support, plant medicine integration Sessions are available with Annabelle in 90minute calls or blocks of 6.

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Receiving a private and bespoke integration session or ceremony will offer you a chance to dive deeper into your own practice.
Together we can create something that will meet your specific needs.