Finding your edge is a beautiful thing. The edge is the space between an old habit and a new habit.
The edge is the point of choice between being a slave to your old belief or becoming a master of your own life. The edge is the pain-pleasure point you are so familiar with. The edge is when you push yourself over your comfort zone just a little bit. The edge is the growing pain of staying small versus your potential. The edge is a powerful source of energy where all master pieces are created.

The edge is when you choose fresh air instead of smoking.
The edge is when you pause instead of doing.
The edge is going for that walk you know is good for you.
The edge is going to bed early instead of watching netflix.
The edge is eating a fruit instead of a chocolate bar.
The edge is going to the gym instead of watching porn.
The edge is getting out of that trigger when you really want to stay there.
The edge is doing yoga instead of smoking a joint.
The edge is reaching out when you need support.
The edge is a cambelt for your motor.

Learning to get comfortable with the edge in our culture of short term relief and rewards is a powerful energy. When you start feeling the edge, and even love it, that’s when you reach mastery.
Learn to love your edge, and you will know your power.

Morten Østhus