Do you remember the last time you were at a point of choice, with the option of ejaculating or saving your powerful seed and use the energy to create in the world?

This is where I’m writing from right now. The point of choice. I’ve gone 25 days with semen retention, and the craving can sometimes feel so strong, almost overpowering. At times I want to give in. I want to reach for addictions and numb this energy with habits that keeps me small.
What am I afraid of? What happens when I feel this power? When I don’t give in? When I make the choice to create instead of releasing. This is a powerful sweet spot to lean into and I am still learning to love this power. I’m learning to love my energetic body and how sensitive it can become when I choose to save my precious seed. By learning to master my own energy I can use it for my life’s work and purpose.

For many men this will be a long practice. It has taken me 10 years to get to this place. The first years of my practice I hardly ever managed to get past 16 days. Now I regularly go over the one month mark.

I encourage you to start now. Join me in harnessing this powerful life force energy.

Now it’s time to let go of porn and masturbating with the purpose of ejaculating. If this practice is new to you, you might find it very hard. It might be an old habit from teenage years that will need de-conditioning. You will need to replace this pattern with a full body sexual practice. This means training yourself for hours through intimate exploration of your own body. Touching yourself in ways that’s new and supportive for your new practice of semen retention.

It’s a training ground of learning to be with sexual energy. You can breath through the strong energies, channel them through the body with sounds and movement.
In sexual interactions with partners you may need to slow down, stop earlier, start over and let go of the idea of pleasing
your partner. Make love, care, have sex and let your partner know about your new practice so they can be of support.

It’s extremely attractive for your partner when you learn to control your sexual energy and desire. Stopping and saying no will make this energy stay with you, and it’s like foreplay that can go on for days or even weeks. Keeping the energy circulating into all of your life and then returning to lovemaking still feeling that strong life force energy that you are building up together.

To be able to hold this level of energy it’s important to build flexibility and to learn to know the entire body. Yoga, breath-work and meditation are my preferred ways of sensitising and training myself to hold more energy. Through yoga I’m learning to open my body and train myself to circulate the energy. The build up in your lower chakras can be really strong if you start the practice of semen retention without an embodiment practice. My second favourite is the breath. Learning to slow down the breath and practice circular breathing and feeling the energy travel all around the body.

When I first started the practice of semen retention I used to be so hard on myself when I spilled my seed through wet dreams, sex or masturbation. Self-punishment and shame is not supportive of this practice, and it’s just as important to know that this is a practice that will involve a lot of failure and re-commitment. If you ejaculate you start again, and that’s awesome too. Forgive yourself and start over. It’s a beautiful practice in letting go.

Your seed is powerful and sacred. Enjoy your new practice!

Morten Østhus