As we get called into a life of service, it is more important than ever to look at how we hold ourselves in our daily lives. To be held is a beautiful dive into the descent of winter, into the Earth of Pachamama. With the energies of darkness, we lean into holding.

How is it to be there in that holding? For we cannot hold and serve others until we learn to be held. I’ve seen a lot of practitioners in my journey who hold a lot but do not allow themselves equal measure of being held. My alarm bells go off when there is not this balance of in and out/Yin and Yang. Because I know myself that I do not want to be held by someone who is not resourced connected and full.

I believe we shouldn’t be asking our therapists, holistic practitioners, or anyone in the role of caring and service what is your qualifications necessarily. We should be asking what is your lifestyle like? How much support do you have?

If we were transparent with this, we would see that true success is not how many clients you have and how much money you earn, it is in your capacity to serve, give, create, and love from a whole, integrated place.

Otherwise, we are not truly in service. As service is not giving without equal measure of receiving. So, we must re-examine and consistently deepen our self-care practices as our business expands.

Real service is a devotional act. When we serve from our practice of connection, trust, deep listening and love we are the divine in action. The energy available to us exists in not how much we do but how much we align to our calling.

Timing is everything, so often less is more.

As humans we will always journey with ourselves on the path of service, learning how to feel into our calling, how to make decisions, and activating our internal navigation system resonance field. These are all key components in preparing ourselves to serve. If you want to hold space you had better be a master of being held first.