How we love to overfill, overcomplicate, overcommit, and generally overdo.

We are a society whose roots are embedded deep in lack and ‘not enough’. Our continual adaptive coping strategy of survival has created a world that is literally ‘on’ all the time.

We live in times where the advancement of our survival is seen as something to celebrate. Science, technology and economics all stand proud in their advancement of civilisation. And yet, with all of these advancements, we as a species have never been sicker, more unhappy and disconnected.

Harmony, peace and joy seem like concepts only found in a fairy tale, something that maybe our ancestors had more connection to than our current day people. Humanity is in crisis. War is raging within and without our collective. The pain body of our traumas is out of capacity and is spilling over in an attempt to be noticed.

This is happening as much on a systemic level as it is reflected on the individual level. War is a coping strategy for a deep root of pain living in the beings that create it. I don’t believe people are evil. I believe we are hurt and hurt people hurt. I know this in myself.

There are thousands of solutions being created to solve the current crisis. Humans have and always will have an incredible skill at surviving and adapting. Yet, all these responses and calls to service are often stemming from the exact place that created them: fear.

If we want to evolve at this stage of humanity’s time, we need to go beyond what we consciously know. We need to expand our consciousness. This process of expansion is likened to the concept of awakening. There needs to be a deep and honest reality check that what we are doing is not working any more.

Our coping strategies are limited. The reality is, we need help. We need to admit we need help.

We all need help. We need to put the white flag up and surrender.

Then, we need to turn the focus inwards, rather than attempting to fix a problem from the same state of consciousness that created it. We need to go beyond and through to a new state of consciousness.

For a lot of us, including society at large, this will look like a complete breakdown (or breakthrough, depending on your perspective). There may be a fight and a resistance to reach this point of accepting one’s fate all the way to total destruction.

Delusion is a strong coping strategy that surrounds and protects us. The fear that drives the individual is strong, and this force is designed to survive at all costs.

We only need to look at the notion of our culture’s glamorisation of the military, from our movies to our books, to see that this is our idea of protection. This approach is one of the most deluded truths of the last half-century. If we need to reason warfare, we are still stuck in a survival state.

We are reliant on our mind, which is a limited binary system only capable of staying within the parameters of known existence. To evolve, we need to go beyond the mind. This concept will not only rattle our society, but it will also inflict more separation and division on those whose entire identity and reality have been built from this construct.

What I’m saying is hugely taboo: for our civilisation to evolve, everything we have created and built will need a completely new approach; the biggest being our educational system, followed by our health systems and the structure of our economy. Literally everything as we know it needs to be remade.

We are crossing a threshold. Only those whose capacity to go beyond the limitations of our consciousness, ironically, will survive, but not from trying to survive. They will evolve, mutate, go beyond. For some, this won’t happen in this lifetime, and death will be the threshold. For others, it will occur while alive.

This is the process of awakening. There is a massive wave of uplifting energies that are surging through our consciousness, asking us to release the grip of the past and go beyond. I believe part of our incarnation is to help individuals who are aware of this need to change and go beyond, to transition with as much grace as possible.

We are entering a new epoch for humanity. Everything about us is changing. We ourselves won’t see the full change, but we need to create space for the beings being born whose consciousness will have the potential and bio-form to exceed where we are at.

We are, if you like, the gatekeepers, the architects. We are the people who help this transition along through pioneering a new template.

As we begin to awaken as individuals, our next natural step will be to move into co-creation with others. Consciousness itself will start to penetrate the web of humanity’s existence, creating a re-ordering and restructuring. Support will come through that will feel tangible for some of us, as if we suddenly realise that we can tune our frequency like a radio station.

This carries a vibration that will hold and support us into the new ‘now’.

This vibration is love, and though it may feel like all is darkness, it is just that there has not been access to this love for a long time. The larger cycles of time have dictated a decrease in light that resulted in our decline as a species. Our disconnection increased and survival took over.

Now, we find ourselves crossing the threshold and into a larger cycle of time that elevates and pushes us up once again, as a civilisation towards the light. Because of the timings of these turns, we now have access to a huge amount of love and the capacity to show up and create from a place of connection rather than separation.

If we catch this wave and allow ourselves to be carried, it may feel like surfing a tsunami, and there will be many casualties that will drown in these coming times. It is imperative that we train and prepare for what is happening.

And what is happening is only increasing. A lot of people share this truth, so I will only be speaking to those who are already on the wave, or for those who desperately want to learn to surf. The great news is that destiny does play its hand so perfectly in this unfolding.

So, on one level, there is nothing we can do but sit back and witness. And yet, on another hand, we are also destined to serve our brothers and sisters, all those in need, and to access our willpower and need for conscious creation.

First, we must walk-surf, well before we offer a helping hand. I personally have no idea how this is going to look on the outside.

We never know the how’s. We can only know our intentions, our prayers and our wishes. Our ancestors knew about these turnings of times and cycles.

What continues to inform, support and heal me on my life journey is creating a lifestyle that leans heavy on self-care and healing. A combination of these ingredients lends itself to a more creative and purpose filled life where I am resourced by life force energy.

If you would like to journey with us (Garden of Alchemy) to expand your consciousness, release your limited belief systems and increase your capacity for self-love and thus self-care, please check out our events and book in a discovery call to see how we can support you. Not all our events and services are listed on our website.

We look forward to co-creating with you and activating your souls calling .