Balance seems to be the buzz word of our culture, showing up in our lives whether we’re in a healing session or simply tuning into our desires. Yet what, really, is balance?

For me, a simple way of looking at it is the eco system. There is no lack in Nature; there is an abundance of diversity and experience. Mother Earth does a fantastic job of showing us what balance looks like. When things go out of balance, we’re left with not only chaos but a distorted reality.

We are eco-systems

We are micro eco-systems within a larger macro system. When the cycle gets thrown out of balance, the rest of the system tries to rebalance it. If we keep putting ourselves out of balance, certain areas within us will end up using valuable resources to keep rebalancing, when these resources could be used for much more worthy and positive changes.

An example we all know is when we decide to party and not sleep. We’ve realised by now that recovery will use up our natural resources so that there is nothing in us to give to our work or our loved ones. All resources are been used up mending a tired body and mind. This is not to say that we can never party but a mature, awake person recognises that every action has a consequence and will start to create space to prepare and recover if s/he chooses to seek these thrills. With this attitude, organising a work meeting after a busy weekend will be a thing of the past.

Getting nowhere fast

Often, our lives become unmanageable when we ‘try’: when we push and go against our current energy levels. Work created from a deficient space lacks energy. Guess what? That frequency of lack keeps showing up in our lives. We become like hamsters on the wheel; running, running but getting nowhere.

From the outside, we are doing all the right things, showing up, trying and doing our work, but what we don’t realise is that no amount of ‘hard work’ will take us anywhere satisfying or fulfilling if we are working from a depleted space.

Finding your power of choice

Our health is always the number one priority. Without a resource of balanced energy, we cannot begin to create and expand in a way that feels nourishing, fulfilling and satisfying.

I always say the only work to do is the work on yourself and everything else flows from that.

It’s vital to shift from the blame programming (focusing on what is outside of ourselves) to living a life where we are empowered to understand that we are the creators of our own reality. We need to recognise that life is a direct mirror of our own consciousness. This awareness leads us to a place of choice – always choice. No matter where you have arrived, you can always choose again. Stop, feel in and make a choice that supports, nourishes and enhances your energy, health and state of mind.

x Annabelle


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