Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness. They allow us to live in harmony with each other and to survive and thrive while remaining sustainable, ethical 
and conscious.

The origin of Earth Medicines ranges from plants and minerals to animals. We live on a planet that is a self-regulating organism and we are part of this – we are not separate. Indigenous tribes knew this and have worked with these medicines for as long as humans have existed. In our ignorance as a society, however, we viewed the Indigenous peoples as primitive in their ways and missed out on their teachings and lessons.

Never before have we, as a species, been so disconnected or sick or causing so much harm to ourselves and the planet as we are now in our apparently ‘civilised’ society.

There is now a great longing in the people to know the truth and to reconnect. With this has come a huge resurgence of interest in Plant Medicines and indigenous teachings. I believe we need to connect to the truth more now than ever. Our existence depends on this.


How can we begin to take back our health as a species and not be so sick in the first place?

I like to reframe the concept of medicine as to support rather than to cure, as I trust that, given the right environment, the body will naturally heal. The body often needs support, which the subtle yet powerful medicines of plants can provide. Our emotional bodies can be soothed, opened and realigned with Earth Medicine.

When our emotions are balanced, our mind calms and clarity is restored. I believe the body has a far more complex intelligence then we have the mental intelligence to grasp. The reason our species is so sick and getting sicker is that we don’t know how to listen to it.

My experience shows that when I am calm in my decisions, able to relax and make choices from a body-based, intuitive place rather than mental reasoning, my life takes on a new, previously unfelt version of health and healing. Stress disables us from making sound decisions as it often puts fear in the driving seat. Our ability to know what is right for us becomes distorted as we disconnect from our senses and intuition, favouring logic and reason and believing the mind to be superior when it comes to decisions.

A lot of fear-based decisions leads us to live a life that is out of alignment with ourselves. In this distortion, we lose ourselves. You could look at it this way: if emotional states were people, we have a culture where Stress is making the decisions. And guess who Stress hangs out with? Addiction, Greed, Lust, Scarcity and other such distorted frequencies.

We live on a dualistic planet that means the laws of this reality are based on opposites. This gives differentiation, contrast and, thus, experience. When we are healthy, we get to experience a full range of emotions with discernment and understanding. When we are unhealthy, we suffer, fight and create disease as a signal to ourselves that something is out of balance.

Everything about this duality is seen in our reality: even our breath mirrors this, with its intake of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide. We, too, need a balance of intake and output – and yet, we have created a huge imbalance in how we live our lives.

We have become a culture addicted to input and have created systems and behaviours that do not support or even allow a healthy amount of output.

This situation, in my opinion, is the perfect breeding ground for stress, fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, and thus disease. Disease lives in imbalanced bodies. For every amount of doing, I believe we need an equal amount of non-doing (being). Now, imagine that you lived your life like that? Imagine we all did. Imagine the decisions that would be made, not only in people’s personal lives but in companies, organisations, schools, politics, etc… it would be a game changer.


Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks.

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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness. 

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Kambo is a powerful ally to clearing the blocks that hold us back, whether on a physical health level or in our lives. It brings purification and clarity.

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